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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

After my Chloe weekend, I miss the little ragamuffin now. The house seems too quiet. And too clean. LOL!!! You should've seen our room when she was here, what will all her toys and stuff all over the place. You know one thing I learned over the weekend though? I am an absolute moron in baby talk. I don't always understand what she's saying. Is this normal? Because I'm thinking, what if it's my kid, and he gives me a whole lot of gibberish and I don't understand? Hell, he could very well be saying "Oh Mom, I just stuck a marble up my nose and can't quite breathe right now, and I have a date with a ten year old hottie tonight so don't wait up." I could just stare at him and say ok without even realizing what I said ok to. That's exactly what happened when Chloe was here. She'd say what I think was a statement, and there was clearly a request for a response by the way the statement was said and by the way she looked at me afterwards. And I was...well...lost! So I said yes. LOL!!! She seemed happy with the response anyway, so there. I may have agreed to eating gummy bears with my toes, and I'd be clueless.

As far as work is concerned, it's still killing me. Remember the measly five people I've hired? Well, I've added twelve more. But the hiring just keeps on going. And going. And going. I was invited to go to Taiwan in mid-June for the rollout of the training we did before, but I had to decline the request. I was dying to say yes, but I felt that what I did was the right choice. I didn't even bother to ask my supervisor if I could go, as I know I have too much on my plate right now, and maybe all throughout June. I still have to fill my hiring requirements, then I'll be training some new supervisors, then I have to design a new training program to address some service issues. Yep, that's a full plate alright.

And speaking of travelling, Mr. S is leaving me. Not for good, of course. LOL!!! His company is sending him to the US sometime soon. He was supposed to leave on the last week of June, but I think his project is being pushed forward so there may be a chance he's leaving in two weeks or something. Boohoohoo! I don't really like it when he's away on his biz trips. I'm not used to being a bachelorette anymore. I may end up scrapping up a storm while he's away. Not that that's a bad thing. LOL! I know I should spend time with some of my older friends that I haven't seen in ages. Maybe I can do that. I'm worried though that he may be away at the time of my grandfolks' wedding anniversary. I'd have no date!!! LOL! Hmmm, maybe Chloe and I can be partners.

Lately, I've been on a scrapping rut. After Schweetschtuff and the page I did for my friend, I haven't been feeling my creative juices flowing. For Robin's team, we're scraplifting Tracie (tkradtke) and I am totally in awe of her photos! Wow! I think I'm too awed to create a page, but I'll have to sit down on that one and finish my page. I also haven't finished my June prize for RAKScraps, and it's due this Thursday. Kim's already brought out the whip and we're shaking in our boots. LOL!!! I did have one paper finished up until Sunday, then Monday night I was able to do three more papers and a really cute element too. Then last night, I got another paper done and several other elements. I really like how it turned out. You know how you start something without really knowing how it's gonna turn out? Well, that's how I started with this kit, but I'm really happy with how it developed. Mr. S saw me making an element last night and even he found it cute. Teehee! Still want to add maybe one or two more elements though. This one's gonna be a photo finish, I think. LOL! Then I also have to think of an article for the newsletter. *sigh* Cloning sounds like a perfect idea right now.

Got some more sad news at RAKScraps over the weekend. AmyK has resigned from the team, and she will be terribly, terribly missed. She's got a lot of exciting changes going on right now, so that is her first priority, and we all understand. But understanding doesn't make it easy eh? I won her Baby Blanket Collection kit at the RAKScraps gallery mixer early this month, and I was thrilled! I've been dying to get that kit of hers, and so I just need my scrapping mojo back in groove and dish out something with it.

Do you realize how frustrating it is to see a GORGEOUS kit, have the money to buy it, but still NOT be able to? I go through that frustration so often that the feeling becomes natural. Routine. Just like taking a poop. There are so many uber talented designers out there, and I just drool over their kits. However, most sites where these designers sell don't accept any other form of payment other than PayPal. And since PayPal is not supported in my country, I can only drool. I'm not sure if groveling will take me anywhere, and I've never tried it, so that's uncharted waters. My digi-shopping sprees have been limited to SBB, SBE, 2peas, DD and very recently...The Shabby Shoppe! **insert angels singing here** Hallelujah!!! I was beyond ecstatic when I found out that the Shabby Shoppe is already accepting credit cards. I do get loads of gorgeous stuff from the other sites I mentioned, but kits from the Princess herself are...well...priceless. But still, there are beautiful kits over at Scrapdish (did you see the latest mega kit of Jeanine, Jen and Krista?! Wowzers!), The Sweet Shoppe, TDC, Scrap Artist, etc etc etc. *sigh* But like I said, it's routine. Poop.

Wow, well I'm a blabbermouth today. LOL!!! Ok, gotta go finish my June prize AND finish my scraplift of Tracie. Ciao, bellas!

mrs. schmuck | 8:22 PM |

First, thanks for the sweet thoughts! It was hard, hard, hard to resign, but definitely for the best. You know that I stalk your blog though, so I really won't let you miss me. ;)

Second, I have a 2-year old who speaks what we call "James-ish." Sometimes it's English, but sometimes it is a long string of babble and we have *no* idea what he's talking about! He expects us to understand, which makes for lots of frustrating fun. :)

I can't wait to see the return of the MoJo. I always love your layouts!
Yep, we hear 3 year old talk we don't understand on a regular basis. Brenna walks around the house talking constantly, probably because we have to ask her to repeat herself so many times to be able to understand her LOL! I've learned never to just blindly agree to anything, because she might be asking to do something I really don't want her to do ;)

You feel my pain on a daily basis with the digi shopping, bella. Though mine is from a 'it's too big for me to DL' point-of-view instead of an 'I can't pay for that because they don't take PayPal' point-of-view. The results are pretty much the same- tons of beautiful kits I can't get my hands on.
Can't wait to see the prize kit for June lol. I just loved the newest layout you did of Chloe. I haven't left a comment in the gallery yet though. Shame on me! Well see ya soon.
Oh baby blabber, I love it! I agree to things all the time and sometimes truely regret it, LOL! Can't wait to see theat new kit, I'm sure it's gorgeous. Big hugs chica!!
I just found your blog a few weeks ago and am enjoying reading your animated blogging hehe. You are very talented.

I originally saw your "forest nymph' kit that lead me to seeing more of your work. You are awesome!! I was wondering where to get the forest nymph kit? I read it was going to be used for a prize, but I never found out when or where that was. I may have missed it.

Have a great weekend!
What, no paypal!!! That is just unfair!
Be glad that your company is hiring people - mine is stuck in a deep freeze and it's killing us too! Guess you can't win either way!
LOL at the baby talk. Kaylee's four and we still sometimes can't understand her. I understand her more than dh does, as is evidenced by his often completely inappropriate responses to her. LOL

Hope your work gets easier soon, or is at least enjoyable.

Your prize is adorable! Thanks so much for getting it done, and on time, too! My arm is getting really tired from all the whipping I'm having to do this month! (And I'm still not done *sigh*). :)

Bummer about the Paypal issue! I also have a problem getting kits for a financial reason - I can't justify spending any money on them when I don't have time to do any layouts above and beyond my sponsor layouts! LOL
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