happy mom's day!
and yes...a freebie!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!! Have you greeted your mom already? So how are you guys celebrating today? My brothers are unable to come visit us today, so I think we're getting together next weekend instead. Mr. S and I had lunch with his family today, and it was so good. His uncle makes the best paella EVER!!! Then tonight, I'm ordering food so that my mom doesn't have to cook. LOL! I have no culinary skills (except for baking!), so I have to resort to ordering.

The weekend's almost over. In my side of the world, at least. *sigh* You know how it seems that weekends are getting shorter and shorter? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I spend most of it sleeping. LOL!!! Before I know it, I wake up and the hours have just flown by. I seriously don't want to go to work tomorrow, and I hate knowing that I just have to because there is just too much to do.

The past few days has brought me some sad news. First, Chris Daughtry is out of the American Idol. WTF?! Seriously. I don't know what the crap happened, because Chris' last performance was amazing. I think the world is shocked, and so I'm doing a boycott. I refuse to watch AI now. It's just too sad. I don't really think much of Taylor. Elliot is...well...Elliot. Katharine is ok. I hope she wins. Just tell me what happens in the end, ok? But I read in the papers that Chris already has a record contract or something. Good for him, because he certainly deserves it!

Another sad news I received is that Tania has taken a break from designing, and so she had to let go of her creative team. I got all weepy when I read her email, and I know that I'll terribly miss working with her designs. I understand her decision, and I truly admire her for her strength and courage. T, if you're reading this, hats off to you, bella! Love ya, girlie!

To perk us all up, I finished a new kit! LOL!!! I've been working with the color palette for a few weeks now. I'd prepare a paper one day, or an element on another day. Now I have a full kit, and I love how it turned out! Anyhoo, I figured it would be nice to have the kit out today, being Mother's day and all. The kit is all feminine and sweet, and I even put in a mom charm in there. Here's my Schweetschtuff!

schweetschtuff by Mrs.Schmuck

schweetschtuff by Mrs.Schmuck

So you likey??? Now this'll only be available as long as the links are active (which are at the end of my post so you have no choice but to read it till the end...hehe!) No extensions! LOL! Afterwhich, it'll go to the Day Old Donuts section of Scrapdish so we can have a little moolah for RAKScraps. If anyone buys it, at least. LOL!!! Now leave me a comment if you download, bellas! I'd love to hear what you guys think of it.

The kit includes:
7 patterned papers
5 solid papers
6 journal tabs
4 buttons
4 bows
3 ribbons
2 buckles
1 string of charms
1 white stitching
1 mom charm
1 pink flower

Finally, here are the links. I put two sets in there, but they are for the same kit, so please just download once. =)

Paperpak link1
Paperpak link2
Elements link1
Elements link2

Alright, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and to all moms out there....SMOOCHIES!!!

mrs. schmuck | 2:51 PM |

This is absolutely awesome!! You do realise that I'm totally obsessed with your kits don't you? LOL
This kit is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!
Beautiful. Thank you. You are so talented !
TY so much! I just love your kits and this one is so pretty!!
Thank You so much, you touch my heart with your gift! It is so Beautiful!
I love your work. The colors in this kit are beautiful. I wouldn't have picked such a great combination. And I love it when elements look 'real'. Incredible job. Thanks for letting us know on RAKScraps about this freebie! -Jennifer
Oh Mrs.S I do so adore your work!! Thank you so much for the freebie :-) Your blog is awesome, I'm loving reading it...when I remember to read blogs LOL Keep up the great work, on everything.
Too sweet! I love it and downloaded it right away. Thank you!
Couldn't DL it but still wanted to leave you love! First off, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! :)

Second, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit you made! The colors are fabulous and I love all the neat elements and the gorgeous papers!

And Finally, it was great reading over your blog! I'm sorry to hear about Tania too. :(
very pretty. Thank you, Thank you! Happy Mother's Day!

TFS- it is gorgeous! I love, love, love your blog! (((hugs)))
On Bob! I love this kit! Thanks so much for your generosity and Happy Mother's Day to you, too!! :)
thank you ....happy moms day to you!
WOW! These are great! Happy Mothers' Day to you too! THX!
Just beautiful, Tin! Thanks!! :)
Beautiful kit. I love it.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

I couldn't download it either. I think something is wrong with yousendit.
Wow! absolutely beautiful. Thanks a lot.
Thank you very much for sharing - it´s lovely :-))
Just wanted to tell you I think this is beautiful. Don't know what's going on with YouSendIt but it hasn't worked all weekend for me. Happy Mother's Day!
Mrs. S.
I love reading your blog..You tell it like it is.

This Kit is Georgous...I Love it as I do most of your stuff.

Happy Mothers Day, and Thanks for Sharing your talent.

Happy Mother's Day :-) And ty for the kit. It's absolutely beautiful and very much appreciated xxxx
Thank you so much for this very pretty kit
I love all of your kits! Thank you so much for the freebie. It is beautiful!
Thank you very much!!!
Thanks bunches and bunches for the gorgeous kit!
wow! what a beautiful kit - thanks for sharing!
Wow this is gorgeous !!!!!!
thanks you so very much
Happy Mothers Day
This is just soo beautiful!!! Thanks so much!!! I was reading your blog, and boy do I understand the hiring thing. Seems like 1 out of ten passes the drug test. Good luck!
Love the colors, thank you so much!
This kit is just perfect!! I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Your layouts and kits are all fabulous! Thank you so very much! Hugs,
GodBlessAmerica @RAKscraps and Scrapdish
Thank you so much for the beautiful kit, and Happy Mothers Day to you too.
happy mother`s day to you.

i love the kit - so beautiful!
thank you!
This is absolutely fantastic -- thank you very much :-)!!!
Beautiful! Thank you so much.
absolutely beautiful! thank you, and happy mother's day! :)
I just love your Kits! Thanks
Thank you so much for sharing this kit with all of us. IT'S GREAT!!!!
Thank you for the lovely Mother's Day gift, Tin! It's gorgeous- one of my favorite color combos :)
Hi Tin! Happy Mom's day to your mom! Hope things at work wont be so frustrating for you this week. I knew you were going to get pissed about Chris being voted out of AI. But he'd be ok, Im sure he will grab a recording contract, latest news is that he will be the front to a rock band. Then there is a year of tour all over the US, DVD, AI season CD and lots of TV appearances for the top 10 finalists so Im sure his family will be financially secure now. He auditioned for "Rockstar" but didnt get in which is surprising since that is his genre. Take care!
Happy Mother's Day
what a very beautiful kit
thanks so much for sharing with us
hugs, Linna
Love it!!! Thanks so much!I agree about Tania, I was completely bummed, but I understand too! Have a great week!!! BTW, LOVE the name of your kit!
Well I think people liked it bella, LOL! So adorable, I love it! And I hear you on the weekends, they go WAY too fast in this hemisphere too!
Love all your kits and layouts you
put on your blog. Thanks for the
The kit is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
thanks for wonderful kit! i love it...
I love it Tin!!!!! Thank you so much! I am so glad I got it before it expired! Wooo thank goodness I checked RAKscraps tonight!!!! Biggggg hugs for sharing it with us! You know I love your stuff!
LoveMyFonts (Jenn)
Great Kit and thanks for sharing it with us.
This is a GREAT kit! Thanks so much.
Thanks for the kit, Tin! That's so *schweet* of you ;)
hi tin!

i always visit your blog since i joined w@W last year but never got the guts to comments ehehe...and i got interested in digiscrapping because of your works.

anyway, thanks for the kit. can't wait to use it (busy busy busy, with the wedding preps and all). anyway, i also downloaded your sweetchloe kit, and i posted a layout in my blog using your papers and elements.

grabe, sobrang bilid at inggit ako sa talent mo! :) thanks again.
Thank You for the AWESOME kit!!!
I love it. I can't wait to do a couple pages of my momma with it. Thanks so much! Blessings!

LOL about your cooking comment - I'm so in the same boat - I can bake you a cake - no problem....but ask me to cook you dinner and you are taking your life in your own hands..........lol
Sis galing mo talaga! Love all your kits!
WOW, I love your work! Thank you so much for sharing this kit, it is amazing!!
Wowzas Mrs S! Love this kit :) You are amazing and thanks so much for sharing!!
this is gorgeous!! thanks so much for sharing!
This is such a wonderful kit!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!
Beautiful - thanks so much for the gift!!
Thanks for sharing this wondeful kit. Your layout of Chloe is beautiful
Did you know that I am in love with you.....er....I mean....That is... I meant to say, I am in love with your kits!!
Thanks sooo much!
Your too generous. Thank you!
It's lovely thank you
This is a lovely kit. I appreciate
your sharing it.
Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful kit, love the colours, textures/patterns, just gorgeous. Do you sell your kits anywhere because I would definately buy some based on the quality and style of this one :) I have a free kit on my blog also if you'd like to take a look.
Well Bob it looks like you are a full-blown blog celeb...congrats! 64 comments on your super-cute kit, and they are all well-deserved!! Thanks so much. I've already done a layout with it...now just have to post it.
Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous kit!
What a lovely kit - thanks so much for this little Mother's Day gift for us!

God bless,
Thank you very much for this gorgeous kit.
What beautiful colors and those charms are excellent! Lovely work!

This is so beautiful!
I love your designs.
Thank you!
It's BEE-U-TIFUL! Thanks so much!
This is super cool Tin! TFS!!!!
Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. What a great 'lil Mother's Day treat! I just LOVE your kits.

Hi Mrs. S! Finally started my very first LO, and I made sure I add a little something from your collection of scrappie stuff. Very elementary actually but hey, do drop by and gimme some comments. :) I just downloaded the kit you made for Mommies. Will be doin' a better version of my 1st LO with ur mommy kit. =) Keep the freebies flowin' HAHA Love em!

~ Wanda ~
GORGEOUS kit!!!! thank you for sharing!!
Oh my... I don´t know what to say - how cute is this???? Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful kit!!!

Currently switching the lurking mode for I am guilty of snatching your kit and stalking your blog. Wow, love this kit, and you started offering freebie on your blog. Good for yah, hope you will prosper in designing because I love your taste. I like your cool melons especially, and this freebie is rockin'... I am actually a nawie and wawie, and first found you because of Lincoln Sanchez. I even wrote you an email on him, but not sure I wrote to the right mail, and besides I know now that your work is quite hectic. Anyways keep on making the good stuff, LO or kits,and I will keep on stalking your blog ;)
Awesome love the kit and your sense of humor! You RaWk!

Bob, Thanks so much for your gorgeous kit! I can't wait to see what you make next!
Thank you so much for the link to your lovely kit. I hope to be able to use it soon!
I like it. A little bit sweet, a little bit classy, and a little bit funky. Thank you so much!
Beautiful kit - thank you so much! You are so talented. I'm one of the silent members of scrapbook-exchange and I so admire your digi layouts. I was a traditional scrapper but with a 4 month old baby, I think I'll switch to digital for now (though I've barely started, hehehe). Can I email you directly if I have questions? Thank you muches! :)

I'll add you to my favorite blogs ok?
OMG! this is such a Beautiful Set!
I had to D/L it! And I wanted to TySvm! for Sharing it (but) I was only able to D/L the Papers....
Unfortunately the links for the Elements aren't working 8-(

Thanks so much for the lovely kit! Love it and it surely is Awesomely done!

~ VeroNica
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