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Monday, May 15, 2006

WOWZERS! I don't think I've ever had so many visitors and/or comments here on my blog. I guess you bellas DO like my kit...LOL!!! Well, I'm glad you did and I'm looking forward to seeing your layouts with it. Then if the warm fuzzies continue, I might decide to pull another freebie out from my magician's hat for ya. No telling when though. Teehee! I have to start working on my prize for June over at RAKScraps. Lovely color palette that Melinda suggested! Can't wait to work on that one.

You know, it's weird, but I can never seem to scrap using my own stuff. I know it's probably good for me to do that so my stuff gets seen in galleries where I post, but I don't know. I get stuck, for some reason. Totally strange.

Early this evening, I was browsing the forums at this site that shall remain anonymous. LOL!!! Don't ya love the mystery?! Anyhoo, I got WAAAAAY engrossed in what I was reading. It was like some cheesy novel I just couldn't put down! Ok, so someone posts their opinion about something, and before you know it, things are getting mean and personal and a tad spiteful. LOL!!! And it's funny because I was going like..."Ooooh, that was a nasty comment!" then I'd read on and then I'd go "Oh man, scrapperX is not going to like that!" and then I'd read on and go "Whoa, good point there, scrapperY! I wonder what scrapperZ will say about that!" I couldn't get enough of it! And of course you know that even as I am writing this post, I have another window open to that forum so I know what the hell is happening...LOL!!! What started out as a tiny comment has mutated into a humongous evil monster with 5 eyes, green slime and all other nasty stuff. *sigh* But it's sad, really. The digi community is one of the friendliest out there, and these things happening are like little ugly scabs you just want to take out. And so I realize yet again why I *heart* RAKScraps. =)

Ok, we're moving on.

Do you guys have any weird little habits that no one else seems to understand except maybe your bestfriend who you sloppily ate papaya with while watching yourselves in the bathroom mirror when you were kids? Ok, now I'm not saying that I actually did THAT absolutely disgusting thing with MY bestfriend Ella, but just hypothetically speaking. Really. Teehee! Take me, for example (I mean, who else would volunteer...). You know how you adjust the volume of the telly or the car radio, right? And you go up from 1 to whatever number really suits your ears? I can never leave it at 13. Strange, but I feel it's unlucky to leave the volume of my telly or my radio at 13. I mean, you'll never know, right? The telly could break down, then how would I watch Grey's or House??? Or the car radio could have a meltdown and I'd be stuck in traffic listening to my own breathing. Scary stuff, I tell ya. So it has to be either 12 or I go a little bit deaf at 14. I'm sure you guys have your own weird thing. Life if sweeter with the weird things around, isn't it?

Oh, Chloe did the cutest thing the other weekend! Her mom is the one who clued me in on this. So she asked Chloe to say "Romeo". Then Chloe said "Meeyow-meeyow!" Then her mom asks her what the cat said, and Chloe says "Meeyow-meeyow!" LOL!!!!! Too stinkin' cute!!! I just ADORE how kids can never seem to pronounce their Rs! I must've asked Chloe to say Romeo, and what the cat said, about ten times that afternoon. Poor kid! LOL!!!

Well, I'm sleepy. I'm heading off to bed, bellas. G'night, and don't let the bed bugs bite! LOL!!!

mrs. schmuck | 8:37 PM |

Sis I was reading that thread last night too! It got nasty alright...
hay swanget! downloaded your freebie... now I only need to download "extra time" and "talent" to make use of it. :) re papaya... did you mean ending up with more papaya on your face than in your mouth? Hmmm, sorry, can't relate.... can't imagine why anyone would do that. Miss you!
amen to Rakscraps...I am so glad we don't get like that, lol. Even though it does make a good read...it just is too nasty for us...at least I hope we never do that.

let's see...wierd little habits...I have tonssss, lol. I have to vacuum...alllllllllllll the time. I do. It is compulsive. If I see something on the floor (we now have wood floors...well laminate) I have to sweep it all up into a little pile (we get dust and stuff like you wouldn't believe up here) and then vacuum it up. I get the strangest little rush watching it get sucked up by the hose. shhhhh...don't tell on me. What else. I have to the airconditioner in the car just so too. The vent on the left has to hit just so...so when I hold my arm on the wheel the blast of air goes up my sleeve. And the one on the right has to hit my chin and neck. heheheh. I could go on, but won't.

I love the freebie...thanks so much you sweet little lady! I am going to scrap with some of your work today dang it!

love ya
also...what is in your fridge? Tag...check out my blog for the 5 tag going around. ;-)
heehee! i love to read some "other site" for fun! :) makes me love RAKs more too!
Love your kits! Just wish I could find time to scrap something more than my sponsor layouts these days!

LOL at the forum drama. Now I'm going to have to go see what "other site" this was (I can guess) and see what happened to scrappers X, Y, and Z! I *heart* RAKScraps, too! :-)

Hmmm... little habits. I'm sure I must have some, but they're just so much a part of me that I think of them as normal! LOL
Tin, your blog always cheers me up and makes me laugh, thank you! I am going to have to read it each morning so my day starts off in a good way!

Hugs Chicken!

Quirks: don't think I have any, unless you count the tv volume on 15 or 12 it can't be 13 or 14 its just not right! Watching your self cry in a mirror when you were little, not that I would have done that! Here's a good one my pantry shelves are stocked like the supermarkets all the cans are lined up, boxed stuff goes together (I stopped short of dating everything) and don't forget to rotate the products each shopping trip.....hahahaha.....if only I could be so anal with more important stuff in life :sigh:!
Hmmm, quirky things, I say sorry all the time, for things that I shouldn't have to be sorry for, it drives people nuts. I wonder if I write sorry as much as I say it?

I'm going to look for the drama, hopefully it hasn't been pulled yet!

You always make me giggle Tin, I love ya for that!
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