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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Updating this blog seems to be becoming a monthly thing for me. Bad blogger! Bad blogger! I really should post here more often, and I'm sorry I haven't. So many things have happened, and now I don't know where the hell to start.

Ok. As of today, I am 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant already. Passed the first trimester, and Peanut is doing good. Yay!!! The first trimester wasn't as bad as how I've seen or read others to have experienced it. I hardly had any morning sickness, although there are a few times when a certain smell just makes me gag. I know that is something that I should be thankful for. And believe me, I am!

I guess you could say that the biggest thing about my pregnancy now is that I have gestational diabetes. Yep. What normally would've been a possible occurrence on a woman's 25th to 28th week of pregnancy has become a reality for me at 2 months. When I went for my first prenatal checkup with my OB, she had asked for my history, of course. Since my dad is diabetic, she had asked me to go for an oral glucose challenge test. Dang, I hate that test! That orange drink they make you take is real icky. Obviously, I "failed" the challenge test, which prompted my OB to refer me to an endocrinologist. Then my endocrinologist made me go through an oral glucose tolerance test this time. That was worse! More of that icky orange drink, but I had to fast the day before and I had to stay in the hospital for 3 hours because they had to take my blood every hour. Terrible, terrible, terrible! And again, obviously, I "failed" that test too. Well, I didn't do THAT bad. I failed 2 out of the 4 blood tests, and of the two I failed, I only missed the mark by a point or two. Until today, I'm not sure whether that's good, or if that totally sucked.

Anyhoo, to make a long story short, I have a mild case of gestational diabetes. I'm on a strict diet which does not include any sugar. Aaack!!! No cake, no candy, no muffins, no chocolate. For a time, I've also had to check my blood sugar before every meal and an hour every after -- which meant I had to prick my finger 6 times a day. When my endocrinologist was quite satisfied that I was sticking to my diet religiously, I'm now down to pricking my finger 3 times a day. Ah, the simple pleasures in life. LOL! So there. It sucks, really. But looking at the big picture, it's a teeny tiny small price to pay for our Peanut.

We went for our monthly checkup last Saturday, and everything's pretty good. We tried to check for Peanut's heartbeat using that Doppler device, but we weren't able to find it yet. I was worried for a bit, but our OB assured us that it wasn't unusual not to hear it on the 3rd month, and she promised that we would hear it in our next monthly checkup. I was thinking of having an ultrasound just to be sure that Peanut's ok, but Mr. S convinced me not to worry too much and to have faith on our doctor's assurances.

I haven't been able to scrap as much as I'd like, and it bums me out sometimes. I did manage to turn in my kits for RAKScraps (which I will have to show you guys soon) and do my sponsor layouts and article for the August newsletter (which is awesome, by the way! LOL!). But I do have some photos of Chloe and stuff I want to make for Peanut's album that I can't seem to find the time for. I'm not allowed to scrap at night when I get home from work (Mr. S is turning into a real nag! LOL!!!), so that leaves the weekend. But then there are doctor's appointments, trainings that I have to run (yes, on weekends!), and what seems to be my never-ending lethargicness. In fact, I recently just made one of the hardest decisions I've had to do. Because of so many things happening right now, I had to step down from Robin's creative team. I absolutely loooved working with her designs and she is such a super person, and it really broke my heart to leave.

So right now, I've really just been concentrating on keeping myself and Peanut healthy, putting in my hours at work, and of course, RAKScraps. I can't totally be without digiscrapping, ya know, and RAKScraps is home for me and so that has to stay. Some things are just non negotiable. LOL!

Ok, it's almost snooze time for me. I will leave you with one page I did manage to finish for Peanut's album. Ciao, bellas!

Robin Carlton and Paula Duncan's Creme de Menthe kit at SSD; metal plate and green gingham bow by Katie Pertiet at DD; stitching by Ronna Penner
Font: ChopinScript, VT Portable Remington

Journaling reads: Attempting to write down how I felt when I realized I was pregnant with you is much harder than I had anticipated. How do you capture such joy into words? Your daddy and I have been trying for a year, and although we tried not to pressure ourselves too much, telling ourselves that the time together was good for us (and it was!), the sheer desire to hold you in our arms was just too great. But one day, the heavens managed to smile down on your daddy and I, and so here we are...pregnant and absolutely in bliss. You aren't even out in the world yet, and already so many people are excited to meet you - your grandparents, your uncles and aunts, and even your cousin Chloe is excited to play with you. But no one is more excited to meet you than your daddy and I.
Sometimes, when I'm by myself, I find myself constantly touching my barely there baby bump, and talking to you. It is kinda silly because I know you can't hear me yet, but still - it makes me happy when I share stories with you. Even your dad is such a silly goose! Do you know that before he leaves for work every morning and before we go to bed at night, he gives you your special kiss? It's a simple raspberry on my tummy, but it makes your mommy laugh. We both think you enjoy it too.
Oh, we really can't wait till we are finally able to hold you in our arms, and we can be a family! But until then, our little Peanut, stay safe, be strong, and know that you are much much loved by your daddy and mommy.

mrs. schmuck | 9:24 PM |

Hi Sis. Good to hear from you Yup pregnancy have its ups and downs but its worth it. Btw I've moved to wordpress na, kindly click na lang my name to visit my new blog. I have uploaded the 3d scan of Baby J there. 8 weeks to go na lang for me...
So sorry about the G.D., Tin. Hope it will be easily manageable. The layout is just beautiful. I was tearing up reading your journaling. So sweet. :)
Beautiful page...the journaling is so sweet! I'm sorry to hear about the gest. diabetes. I had it with my final pregnancy. The diet wasn't too bad, and I must admit that once I got on it and stuck with it, I felt a lot better. If they brought you down to 3 times a day of testing, then it sounds like you are doing a-ok on the diet, which is great news! Hang in there. Like you said, it is all worth it in the end. :)
Aren't those glucose tolerance tests just awful!!?? yuck, yuck, and triple yuck! Sorry to hear the bad results of your tests, but giving up sugar is a small price to pay for a healthy baby. Hopefully things will get back to normal after the baby comes, and kudos to you for being a good girl and sticking with the diet!

That LO is beautiful! your journaling got me all teary eyed.
Hi Tin, sorry to hear about your GD. I haven't had an easy time as well. But it's all worth it noh? :)

I soooo loved the words you had written for that LO. I can very well relate! :)

Take care always!
Your page is so gorgeous, Tin! I'm glad to know you and the peanut are doing well. Sorry to hear about the GD - that's always a bummer. I've been thinking about you!!!!!
Love your page!!! Bummer about the Diabetes! And yes that orange stuff is yucky!! I'm actually signed up to do a charity walk for Diabetes on Sept 30th.. runs in the family here too :(

Glad you are both healthy though!! Just think, the 2nd trimester is supposed to be the best, so live it up!!
Oh! I'm glad you and Peanut S are doing well, and Mr. S sounds like he's finally put his foot down with you, LOL!! Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes, but it sounds like you and they have it under control. And seeing that little bean face to face for the first time is soooo worth it.

Miss you bella, miss you much, but you just keep hanging on for that lil family you have there!!
Congrats on your little peanut! Our 7th should arrive in the next few weeks, and I've had to deal with GD for the first time with him. I thought I was going to a pretty strict endocrinologist, but I only have to test my blood in the a.m. and an hour after one meal. I have to follow the diet and take a pill, but was thrilled that I didn't have to give myself insulin shots, so I'm counting my blessings! Anyway, best of luck (and blessings) for the rest of your pregnancy!
Oh that is so sweet.

And the picture? That's a first for me, to have the ultrasound image as the baby's first picture... which, when you think about it, really is. That's so cute! hahaha...
So cool that your not puking your guts out!! LOL! I did with my 1st....GD huh? Hopefully it won't get too bad for you!
Cute lil peanut you've got there!!!
love the page!
congratulations, tin!!!!!!!!!!!!! i pray for you and li'l peanut to be safe always.
Tin, where have you been girl? I miss seeing you at RAKs and reading about you on your blog. I hope everything is a-okay with you. Check in sometime, will ya?
Tin, you are so wonderful with words. Peanut is going to love reading this one day. You are such a special person and peanut and Mr Schmuck are very blessed to have you. :)Miss ya!
Mrs. S... where are you???? I miss seeing your bubbly avatar!!!
WHERE you at???
I need some updates!!
I'm preggo too!!!
I hope and pray all is well with you and your babe!!!
Stephanie from RAK
Tin, we missed you so much at RAKscraps. Hope to hear from you very soon.
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