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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just popping in for a quick hello. And to at least let you guys know that I'm alive. Too much to do and so little time. Been there, done that eh? Yeah, well as it turns out, you may have been there and have done that, but you will often find yourself there again and doing it all over again too.

Work's been busy (like, when did that change?!), but life outside of work's been just as busy too. I have quite a number of things due for RAKScraps, and so I've been trying to make a dent on that. So far, I've made a very teeny tiny dent. LOL!!! And I haven't even started on my June mega kit contribution which is supposed to be due by the 11th. Yikes! I hope Kim, the whip-cracker, isn't reading this...LOL!!! I swear, I'm going to tie myself to my puter chair this weekend and work on it. And I still have to do my article for June's newsletter. Ack!!!

I did manage to make a page just for the sake of fun (and sanity...)! I spent quite a bit of time on this layout. I think I went through so many color schemes before finally being happy with the one I chose. But now that it's done, I'm happy. LOL!!!

all papers from Jen Wilson's Sweet Candy (Worn Comfort collection) at SBB; vintage stamp, metal plate, gingham ribbons/bows, tie fasteners and catalogue alphas - all by Katie Pertiet at DesignerDigitals; tie and key by Jackie Eckles at DesignerDigitals; flower from Bears Blossom N Beads by Christy Lyle at SSD; screw by Ashley Olson; dragonfly from Bellissima kit by Carrie Stephens; pin and tag by Gina Cabrera from DWD cd
Font: Festus

Ok, my popping's done. I'm gonna catch some Zzzzs now. I hope your week is going great, bellas. Smile!!!

mrs. schmuck | 11:32 PM |

Oh! Sorry to hear you're feeling stretched, that's no good! I love this page chica, it's absolutely gorgeous, love those ribbons in the top corner too!
beautiful beautiful page!! I love the sunny yellow with the soft pinks.

I hear you on the stretched thin thing... I do not recommend working on 3 months of CT work at a time LOL! I think I am going to collapse when we finally do go on vacation in a couple of weeks.
LOL So are you done with your kit yet?!?! Are you?! Are you?! I don't see a preview, young lady!! ROTFL

Hope things are feeling a bit more under control now. I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed myself right now. Need to go write my June reviews and get that sent off. I actually need to start my July Mega pretty soon too, since I may be gone a big chunk of the time I would normally be working on it. Or, maybe I'll just load up the laptop and work on it during my passenger portions of those 14-hour drives! LOL

Absolutely adorable layout! :)
Love this page! She is just adorable!!!! Hope you're feeling unstretched soon! :)
this is sooo sweet! tfs. I have to tell you that on my screen, your font is very hard to read. Sorry.
Very beautiful layout as usual. Love yellow with the pinkand I really like the texture on the letters.

Great job and thank you for sharing.

P.S. I agree the font is hard to read as well but once I highlight all of it then it looks normal.
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