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Monday, June 12, 2006

I am so pleased with myself I could chortle like a babe. LOL!!! I have been extremely busy the past few days, like I told you, but I finished all that I had to do and I met all my deadlines. Woot! Woot!

I managed to finish 3 layouts for the RAKScraps sponsors which will go in the June newsletter. I managed to finish the layout for the Your Photo 5 Ways winner this month. I managed to finish my June mega kit contribution. I managed to write up my article for the newsletter. AND AND AND!!! I even managed to scrap 2 pages today for a secret little project that I have no business telling you about. LOL!

The frustrating thing about it is that I can't even show anyone what I've done. Thank goodness the RAKScraps newsletter is coming out in a few days, so at least I get to share the layouts I've done that will appear there. Whew. But then I also still have a few things I need to do, but I have at least until the end of the month to finish them.

Oh, I have a question for ya. I got comments from Mrs.Miles and t-wan that the font on my blog is hard to read. How many of you have this problem? Yikes! The strange thing is that it looks ok on my puter, and it looks ok on Mr. S's laptop and puter, and it also looks ok on my puter in the office. But then I tried it last night on my brother's laptop and the fonts do look wierd. Ack!!! I'm probably going to have to change my blog template if that's the case. Although I know a teeny bit about html (I did fix up this blog and my 2 previous blogs), it's just such a pain to go through it again. Crap. Anyhoo, maybe a makeover is what I need eh?

My grandfolks wedding is in less than 2 weeks. I haven't even fitted my dress yet, and I really hope it looks ok. I hope the dressmaker was able to put in the magic b00bs I requested. LOL!!! My mom has been convincing me to sing a song for my grandfolks during the reception. Hellooooo?!?! Is she crazy?! I gotta admit that I like to sing, but any singing I do is pretty much confined within the four walls of our bathroom. Or within the confines of my car. In front of about 200 people?! Insane, I tell ya.

The day after the wedding, Mr. S leaves for the US. He'll be gone for almost 2 weeks, and I'm bummed out. I really don't like it when he leaves. The other night, I asked Mr. S if he was excited about leaving. He said he was, and I was teasing him about being happy that I would be thousands of miles apart. Actually, he's just happy because he gets to live the hotel life and he gets to go shopping. LOL! He'll be there until the 4th of July, and I know that there are good sales then. Woohoo! I'm already thinking of stuff he can buy for me. Oh, and he also brings home my brand spanking new laptop!!! YAY!!! I'm trying to find a really purrrty and girly laptop bag to go with it too. Gotta look snazzy carrying it around, ya know? LOL!

Alright, that's it for tonight, bellas. It's back to work tomorrow for me, and gotta be there early. I hope y'all had a fab weekend! Ciao!

mrs. schmuck | 10:04 PM |

hay swanget! yeah, the blog fonts do get blurry on my folks puter as well. will schmuck be in texas? rgds to the fam. - ella
Now you will see that we really do read your blog! I ordered a laptop bag from here that rocks! It carries my 'work' laptop as well as all the extra 'stuff' - books mostly as I'm a librarian.

Anyway, here's a link to some awesome bags for you to browse!
Enjoy - love your blog!
So good to see you at nightowls last night, Tin! I've got my banana chocolate chip cookie recipe up on my blog, and a bonus recipe I dug up off the HD from a past exchange too. Can't wait to see your coffee cookie recipe!

OK- I have to go work on some more CT stuff I have to get done before we leave. Have fun laptop bag shopping! I'm sure you find the perfect one eventually.
Oh, forgot to say that I can see the font just fine, but it doesn't look like anything other than Arial to me- maybe I don't have the fancy one you are using loaded on my computer and so I just see it with the usual boring stuff? The thing that bugs me about the current set up is that the message column isn't quite wide enough to see all of the text- one side or the other is always getting cut off. i have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the blog and then I can play with moving the main column to the right or left to read the rest- a big huge pain if I am trying to read the post way back at the top ;) The side bar on the right seems a bit too wide, and maybe that is causing the problem.
Of course the one nightowl chat I miss you are at!! LOL. I'm not having any problems seeing your text.. I have a widescreen so maybe why it's good for me. Congrats on getting everything done, I can't wait to see what the big secret project is.. and I hope Mr. S. brings you back lots of goodies from the states :)
The blog looks perfectly fine for me. :)

Congrats on meeting all your deadlines! Ooo, a secret project! You can tell me. I promise I won't tell anyone. Really. Just whisper. ;)

The wedding sounds like it should be lots of fun. LOL at the magic b00bs!

And congrats on your impending laptop! I don't think you should be spanking anyone with it though. ;)
Hi Tin! When I read your blog with an Internet Explorer browser, the font of your blog is tougher to read. It has some sort of a shadow that makes it harder to read. When I use Firefox as browser, its better but I have to scroll from side to side get to the end of your sentences. Other than that, its ok. The font is different with IE, I prefer reading it through firefox. Happy Anniversary to your grandparents! Hey, you can sing "Part of your world"! :)
Hello Mrs.S.The font is difficult to read with my husband's computer but not with mine.Ingat lagi.God bless!
Hmm, weird font thingy, no problems here!
A secret project, no fair, you stinker, can't wait until you can spill the beans! Sorry I missed that night owl, what a bummer, glad you were able to go! Those recipes look scrumptious, TFS!
tell me if the magic boobs work out! hehe. if it does, then that dressmaker would gain a customer in me!

p.s. i've no probs viewing your site :)
got not problems viewing as well as reading your awesome site... ;)

Congrats on the job well done! can't wait to see your awesome works...

Goodluck on your dress... it will definitely looks good on you even w/o those magic b... Happy Anniversary to you Grandparents and have lots of fun!

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