warning: blabber ahead
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

After three days, I'm blogging again. Hey, I'm improving! LOL!!! No new layouts to share yet, but lots of blabber ahead.

First off, I survived the business review yesterday! The three hour review did turn out to be a five hour ordeal, but I live! LOL!!! Seriously, it went really well and I am soooo glad. There were a lot of great discussions and despite its meaning a lot of work ahead, I don't mind. I really feel that the action items we've discussed are worth it, and I'm quite excited to start on them. But maaannn, it took us five hours!!! I could feel my butt start to numb halfway through! LOL!!!

The past few days have been very good as far as my hiring is concerned though. From my previously reported 12, I now have 18 people! Woot! Woot! But what's really bumming me out is that as I hire and hire and hire, people are resigning as well. It's a never ending cycle. Vicious, really! If there is one thing about my job that I don't like, it's really the recruitment. Give me training every day and I'm fine, but recruitment can really suck. Especially in my department. It literally never ends. *sigh* I did have one interview this morning that I really enjoyed. The guy was very articulate, very perky, very positive. Those are the types of interviews I love to do because I'm simply conversing with the person and I tend to find out a lot of things from there. Later on, I found out that he was gay. I shouldn't be surprised really. I really get along with gay people, and I think they're such fun people to hang out with. Anyhoo, I did hire him, in case you'd like to know for whatever reason. LOL!

Hey, I told you about my appointment with my ob-gyne last week, right? Anyhoo, I'm really happy about the results of my check up. We did a transvag1nal ultrasound to check my ovaries and eggs and stuff, and all is good. Whew. I tell ya, it wasn't a pleasant experience (duh!) and it's not something I'd like to do regularly. I'm not going to go into all the gory details, so don't you worry. I think it's just enough that you know that the factory is fully functional and working overtime! ROFLMBO!!!! *sigh* I crack me up sometimes...

Oh, I did take on some additional "work" at RAKScraps. For the next few months, I'll be working with the Sponsor team and so I'll be making layouts using kits from the fabulous sponsors of the month. So cool!!! The sponsors for June are MissMint, d2D, and Erika Tenney. I can't wait till the weekend so I can scrap!!! I was thinking about taking a permanent position, but knowing how toxic my work can be, I didn't want to risk committing myself to something I won't be able to give my 100% to. Anyhoo, I'll see how it goes. I'm also looking for some CT calls out there, in case I go that route. We'll see.

I did some digi-shopping again. Somebody take my credit cards away from me! But then again, I've memorized all my card numbers. LOL!!! Bought myself quite a number of goodies over at Designer Digitals again. Love, love, LOVE their stuff! I also bought some digiscrapping books at ideabooks4u, and had them shipped to my relatives in the US. They're coming home in trickles over the next few weeks for the wedding anniversary of my grandfolks, so they're bringing my books along. Even though ideabooks4u ships worldwide, this is a cheaper alternative. LOL!!! I got myself Designing with Digital, Designing with Type, Freestyle, and Digital Scrapbooking 5. Can't wait till they get here!

It's funny but I got quite a number of comments about my pearls with the Creative Me layout that I posted. LOL!!! Ok, one thing you should know about me is that I LOOOOVE pearls. I wear pearls practically everyday. The two-strand that I'm wearing in that layout is my absolute favorite, and I wear that the most often. But otherwise, I'd have my pearl stud earrings, and I also bought this fabulous 5-strand which I should show you sometime. LOL! Of course, there's the single strand, and I have a Y pearl necklace too. Oh, and I have this set of 10 pearl bracelets that is just gorgeous when worn with a little black dress. So there. I love pearls. LOL!!!

Anyhoo, I'm off to bed. Hope the week is going great for y'all. G'night, bellas!

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a change of style...of sorts
Sunday, May 28, 2006

Guess who's back in the scrapping saddle again?!?! LOL!!! I have been productive, I tell ya. I'm so happy with the pages I've cranked out the past few days AND I finished (and love!) my June prize kit for RAKScraps. Woot! Woot! Ok, now before I start showing you what I've done, lemme just blabber on for a few more moments.

This week's going to be a killer at work, I reckon. I feel like I have ten million deliverables due, and I'm just all over the place...dazed and confused. I also have a business review with our director on Tuesday from 3pm-6pm. Three whole freaking hours!!! Dang, just the thought is enough to get my large intestines all twisted up. Now we know that just isn't good!

On the homefront, Mr. S and I had planned on watching a movie last Saturday night. We haven't watched The Da Vinci Code yet, and I was pleasantly surprised when chubby-hubs said we'd go. He rarely wants to get out of the house on weekends, and I'm always the one dragging him away from his puter. What a nerd. LOL!!! Anyhoo, we checked the schedules and decided on watching the 7pm show. We got to the movie house about ten minutes before, then they told us that the 7pm was sold out, and they were selling tickets only for the 10pm show. WTF?!?! So we decided to have dinner at Friday's first. But then after eating what seemed like a truckload of french fries, and with still 2 hours to go before showtime, we decided to head on home. LOL!!! Hey, we tried!

We had lunch at my in laws today. It was my dad-in-law's birthday last Thursday, and my mom-in-law's today so there was a joint celeb. It was so fun because Mr. S's baby sister planned a surprise costume party. My mom-in-law loooves to watch local and Korean soaps, so we were supposed to dress as any character from her favorite soaps. LOL!!! Let me just tell you, it was a hoot!!! I didn't bring my camera so I don't have photos to show, but I know my sisters-in-law took some so I'll have to get copies.

I also had my car serviced today. Something has been lighting up on the dashboard, and it's either the brakes or the oil. Or something else. LOL!!! Well, suffice it to say that it must be important, so I had to bring it to the...umm...car place. Teehee! Mr. S gets really frustrated with me because I know nothing about my car except to drive it. And I have to admit, it's true. Hahaha! But don't get me started on talking about my driving. I tell you, I'm a maniac on wheels. LOL!!!

Ok, on to scrappy stuff!!! First, let me show you my June prize kit for RAKScraps...Loops-a-licious!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn't it cute?!?! I just adore how it turned out, and I hope y'all like it too. I had way too much fun making it. I just love the loops, and because it reminded me of candy, I thought the name was befitting. So if you like it, come on over to RAKScraps and join in on all the fun! And if you missed out on any of my past kits, most of them are now available at the Day Old Donuts at Scrapdish. All proceeds are used to maintain RAKScraps, and we all *heart* RAKScraps! LOL!!!

Oh! I did manage to make a page using my own stuff!!! I told you I've never done that before, but I decided to use my Schweetschtuff kit for the scraplift challenge for Robin's sweetNsassy team. This is a scraplift of Tracie's laughter layout at 2peas. Here, lookee!

Your Smile
Everything from my own Schweetschtuff kit, now available at Scrapdish!
It's in the Day Old Donuts to help out RAKScraps!

Lately, I've been changing my scrapping style a little bit. I've really been admiring some layouts I've seen at some sites and have been trying my hand at doing it. What can I say, but I totally totally LOVE it! It's more freestyle, I think, but I still put some clean lines on them. Ok, lemme show you the pages I've done the past few days using this style.

Grubby Toes
Amy Knepper's Baby Blanket Collection-Girl at Scrapdish
staples and polkadot bow by Ronna Penner at SBE; string by Jackie Eckles at DD; chipboard alpha by Dani Mogstad
Fonts: Chelpress, Elegant

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Michelle Coleman's Simply Spring mini kit (blog freebie) for all papers and the charm
pink ribbon by Jackie Eckles at DD; pin by Fernlili; artstitches by Fhung Lie at SBB; bookplate by Shabby Princess; brushstrokes by Meredith Fenwick at SBB; paint splatters by Katie Pertiet at DD; Atomic Cupcake for the chipboard action on the alpha
Fonts: Festus, VT Portable Remington, Times New Roman

I dunno, but I really like it. What do you guys think? And I get really challenged to find the elements from all over the place. I used to work with mostly just one kit for a layout, and usually just use a lot of papers and ribbons. But I'm going out of my comfort zone and having fun! I love getting all the little knick knacks and putting them together. I think that's what's more important, eh?

And with that, I shall say goodnight! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a fabulous week ahead. Ciao, bellas!

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a whole lot of blabber
Wednesday, May 24, 2006

After my Chloe weekend, I miss the little ragamuffin now. The house seems too quiet. And too clean. LOL!!! You should've seen our room when she was here, what will all her toys and stuff all over the place. You know one thing I learned over the weekend though? I am an absolute moron in baby talk. I don't always understand what she's saying. Is this normal? Because I'm thinking, what if it's my kid, and he gives me a whole lot of gibberish and I don't understand? Hell, he could very well be saying "Oh Mom, I just stuck a marble up my nose and can't quite breathe right now, and I have a date with a ten year old hottie tonight so don't wait up." I could just stare at him and say ok without even realizing what I said ok to. That's exactly what happened when Chloe was here. She'd say what I think was a statement, and there was clearly a request for a response by the way the statement was said and by the way she looked at me afterwards. And I was...well...lost! So I said yes. LOL!!! She seemed happy with the response anyway, so there. I may have agreed to eating gummy bears with my toes, and I'd be clueless.

As far as work is concerned, it's still killing me. Remember the measly five people I've hired? Well, I've added twelve more. But the hiring just keeps on going. And going. And going. I was invited to go to Taiwan in mid-June for the rollout of the training we did before, but I had to decline the request. I was dying to say yes, but I felt that what I did was the right choice. I didn't even bother to ask my supervisor if I could go, as I know I have too much on my plate right now, and maybe all throughout June. I still have to fill my hiring requirements, then I'll be training some new supervisors, then I have to design a new training program to address some service issues. Yep, that's a full plate alright.

And speaking of travelling, Mr. S is leaving me. Not for good, of course. LOL!!! His company is sending him to the US sometime soon. He was supposed to leave on the last week of June, but I think his project is being pushed forward so there may be a chance he's leaving in two weeks or something. Boohoohoo! I don't really like it when he's away on his biz trips. I'm not used to being a bachelorette anymore. I may end up scrapping up a storm while he's away. Not that that's a bad thing. LOL! I know I should spend time with some of my older friends that I haven't seen in ages. Maybe I can do that. I'm worried though that he may be away at the time of my grandfolks' wedding anniversary. I'd have no date!!! LOL! Hmmm, maybe Chloe and I can be partners.

Lately, I've been on a scrapping rut. After Schweetschtuff and the page I did for my friend, I haven't been feeling my creative juices flowing. For Robin's team, we're scraplifting Tracie (tkradtke) and I am totally in awe of her photos! Wow! I think I'm too awed to create a page, but I'll have to sit down on that one and finish my page. I also haven't finished my June prize for RAKScraps, and it's due this Thursday. Kim's already brought out the whip and we're shaking in our boots. LOL!!! I did have one paper finished up until Sunday, then Monday night I was able to do three more papers and a really cute element too. Then last night, I got another paper done and several other elements. I really like how it turned out. You know how you start something without really knowing how it's gonna turn out? Well, that's how I started with this kit, but I'm really happy with how it developed. Mr. S saw me making an element last night and even he found it cute. Teehee! Still want to add maybe one or two more elements though. This one's gonna be a photo finish, I think. LOL! Then I also have to think of an article for the newsletter. *sigh* Cloning sounds like a perfect idea right now.

Got some more sad news at RAKScraps over the weekend. AmyK has resigned from the team, and she will be terribly, terribly missed. She's got a lot of exciting changes going on right now, so that is her first priority, and we all understand. But understanding doesn't make it easy eh? I won her Baby Blanket Collection kit at the RAKScraps gallery mixer early this month, and I was thrilled! I've been dying to get that kit of hers, and so I just need my scrapping mojo back in groove and dish out something with it.

Do you realize how frustrating it is to see a GORGEOUS kit, have the money to buy it, but still NOT be able to? I go through that frustration so often that the feeling becomes natural. Routine. Just like taking a poop. There are so many uber talented designers out there, and I just drool over their kits. However, most sites where these designers sell don't accept any other form of payment other than PayPal. And since PayPal is not supported in my country, I can only drool. I'm not sure if groveling will take me anywhere, and I've never tried it, so that's uncharted waters. My digi-shopping sprees have been limited to SBB, SBE, 2peas, DD and very recently...The Shabby Shoppe! **insert angels singing here** Hallelujah!!! I was beyond ecstatic when I found out that the Shabby Shoppe is already accepting credit cards. I do get loads of gorgeous stuff from the other sites I mentioned, but kits from the Princess herself are...well...priceless. But still, there are beautiful kits over at Scrapdish (did you see the latest mega kit of Jeanine, Jen and Krista?! Wowzers!), The Sweet Shoppe, TDC, Scrap Artist, etc etc etc. *sigh* But like I said, it's routine. Poop.

Wow, well I'm a blabbermouth today. LOL!!! Ok, gotta go finish my June prize AND finish my scraplift of Tracie. Ciao, bellas!

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my chloe weekend
Saturday, May 20, 2006

Whew, the weekend is upon us once again. Can you believe May is half gone, and June is just around the corner. June!!! Which means half the year is over. Wow, huh? Before we know it, we're shopping for Christmas.

I haven't been able to spend much time on my puter since Thursday. Chloe has been staying with us and so I've been spending a lot of time with her. The kid is a bundle of energy, and I can't keep up. LOL!!! The first night she was here, she kept me up until 2am (and I had work the next day!). Then when she finally fell asleep, she woke up again at 4am and kept me awake till 530am. Oh man, I felt like a zombie at work! I must've consumed at least 4 cups of coffee. And of course, I watched Little Mermaid about a gazillion times, it seems. And you know where Ariel sings Part of Your World? Chloe HAS TO sing it over and over and over again. We almost never finish the entire the movie because she makes me rewind that part again and again. LOL! I was torn between being amused and frustrated.

The fact that Chloe's been with us for a few days has given me somewhat of a perspective about how it is to be a parent. She was always clamoring for me, and it was difficult to do anything else but watch her and do what she wants us to do. Am I really ready for this? But when she looks at me with those big eyes of hers and calls me "Tata Tin", I just melt. Tata is her way of saying "Tita", which means aunt in Filipino. *sigh* Mr. S and I figure that we'll be awful parents, because we just couldn't say no to anything she said. LOL! I swear, I have newfound respect for all mothers out there.

I have an appointment with my ob-gyne on Friday. Time to spread my legs again. LOL!!! I hate that. Are you ever so comfortable with another person (spouses and other halves not included) that you can just hop on that examination bed and put your feet on those stirrups that seem to be miles apart? Yeah, I'm sure it's nothing to the ob-gyne, but hell, it's my privy parts being exposed, not hers! I'm always so uncomfortable, and I always feel the need to be talking. About anything. "So, doc, what do you think about blah blah"......"Yeah, I always thought blah blah"......"But what about blah blah"......so all the time I'm babbling about who knows what. LOL! My doctor must hate me. When she comes in and sees her list of patients to see that day, she'll probably spot my name and say "Oh damn, it's that small woman that never stops talking again!" LOL!!!

Got tagged by sweetie TracyB!

5 things in my fridge:
Uh oh....lots of leftovers (LOL!), chocolates, milk, eggs, chocolate milk. Jeez, how unexciting is my fridge?!

5 things in my car:
Just five?!?! LOL!!! I can practically live in my car. Ok, so I've got tons of receipts that I just know I need to throw out. An extra pair of shoes. Lots of training binders and folders. A hairbrush. And a pen.

5 things in my bag:
Just five?!?! LOL!!! Ok, now this is worse than my car. Everyone complains about how heavy my bag is. Sunglasses. Makeup kit. Perfume. Lots of plain rubber bands for my hair. And tons of receipts that date back who knows when. LOL!!! I'm such a pig.

5 things on my DVR or video player:
Grey's Anatomy. House. Wedding Crashers. Sex and the City. Oh, and Little Mermaid. I did tell you Chloe was here. Teehee!

5 things in my wardrobe:
Just five?!?! ROFLMBO!!! I've been behaving myself the past few weeks and haven't really been shopping. But now that Tracy's reminded me, I think I gotta go buy something. LOL! Ok, so I've got tons of shoes in there...so that should account for the five things. Teehee! I have a lot of white shirts, which I love to pair with my scruffed up low rise Levi's. Can never have enough white shirts. I also have tank tops in practically all colors. And several pashminas. I have a thing for pashminas. When I went to Singapore, I found this little store that sold such beautiful pashminas and at such a cool price. I love that I can pair it with jeans on casual Fridays and even work them with my usual office attire.

Well, it's almost 2am here, so I'm heading off to bed. I'd like to share my latest page with you before I go. A dear friend of mine had seen my pages, loved them, and asked me to make one of her and her hubby. I showed this to her last Thursday and she absolutely loved it!

Edin & Mae
bg pp by Gina Miller at SBB, other pp by Jen Wilson from her Worn Comfort CD at SBB
yellow stitching and staples by Ronna Penner at SBE
lace by Kate Teague at DD, messy stitching and hobo flower by Katie Pertiet at DD
string by Jackie Eckles at DD, tag by Denise Docherty at spaceraven
colorfull corners by Shabby Princess
Fonts: Century Gothic

G'night, bellas! Smoochies!

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just nonsense schtuff really
Monday, May 15, 2006

WOWZERS! I don't think I've ever had so many visitors and/or comments here on my blog. I guess you bellas DO like my kit...LOL!!! Well, I'm glad you did and I'm looking forward to seeing your layouts with it. Then if the warm fuzzies continue, I might decide to pull another freebie out from my magician's hat for ya. No telling when though. Teehee! I have to start working on my prize for June over at RAKScraps. Lovely color palette that Melinda suggested! Can't wait to work on that one.

You know, it's weird, but I can never seem to scrap using my own stuff. I know it's probably good for me to do that so my stuff gets seen in galleries where I post, but I don't know. I get stuck, for some reason. Totally strange.

Early this evening, I was browsing the forums at this site that shall remain anonymous. LOL!!! Don't ya love the mystery?! Anyhoo, I got WAAAAAY engrossed in what I was reading. It was like some cheesy novel I just couldn't put down! Ok, so someone posts their opinion about something, and before you know it, things are getting mean and personal and a tad spiteful. LOL!!! And it's funny because I was going like..."Ooooh, that was a nasty comment!" then I'd read on and then I'd go "Oh man, scrapperX is not going to like that!" and then I'd read on and go "Whoa, good point there, scrapperY! I wonder what scrapperZ will say about that!" I couldn't get enough of it! And of course you know that even as I am writing this post, I have another window open to that forum so I know what the hell is happening...LOL!!! What started out as a tiny comment has mutated into a humongous evil monster with 5 eyes, green slime and all other nasty stuff. *sigh* But it's sad, really. The digi community is one of the friendliest out there, and these things happening are like little ugly scabs you just want to take out. And so I realize yet again why I *heart* RAKScraps. =)

Ok, we're moving on.

Do you guys have any weird little habits that no one else seems to understand except maybe your bestfriend who you sloppily ate papaya with while watching yourselves in the bathroom mirror when you were kids? Ok, now I'm not saying that I actually did THAT absolutely disgusting thing with MY bestfriend Ella, but just hypothetically speaking. Really. Teehee! Take me, for example (I mean, who else would volunteer...). You know how you adjust the volume of the telly or the car radio, right? And you go up from 1 to whatever number really suits your ears? I can never leave it at 13. Strange, but I feel it's unlucky to leave the volume of my telly or my radio at 13. I mean, you'll never know, right? The telly could break down, then how would I watch Grey's or House??? Or the car radio could have a meltdown and I'd be stuck in traffic listening to my own breathing. Scary stuff, I tell ya. So it has to be either 12 or I go a little bit deaf at 14. I'm sure you guys have your own weird thing. Life if sweeter with the weird things around, isn't it?

Oh, Chloe did the cutest thing the other weekend! Her mom is the one who clued me in on this. So she asked Chloe to say "Romeo". Then Chloe said "Meeyow-meeyow!" Then her mom asks her what the cat said, and Chloe says "Meeyow-meeyow!" LOL!!!!! Too stinkin' cute!!! I just ADORE how kids can never seem to pronounce their Rs! I must've asked Chloe to say Romeo, and what the cat said, about ten times that afternoon. Poor kid! LOL!!!

Well, I'm sleepy. I'm heading off to bed, bellas. G'night, and don't let the bed bugs bite! LOL!!!

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happy mom's day!
and yes...a freebie!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!! Have you greeted your mom already? So how are you guys celebrating today? My brothers are unable to come visit us today, so I think we're getting together next weekend instead. Mr. S and I had lunch with his family today, and it was so good. His uncle makes the best paella EVER!!! Then tonight, I'm ordering food so that my mom doesn't have to cook. LOL! I have no culinary skills (except for baking!), so I have to resort to ordering.

The weekend's almost over. In my side of the world, at least. *sigh* You know how it seems that weekends are getting shorter and shorter? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I spend most of it sleeping. LOL!!! Before I know it, I wake up and the hours have just flown by. I seriously don't want to go to work tomorrow, and I hate knowing that I just have to because there is just too much to do.

The past few days has brought me some sad news. First, Chris Daughtry is out of the American Idol. WTF?! Seriously. I don't know what the crap happened, because Chris' last performance was amazing. I think the world is shocked, and so I'm doing a boycott. I refuse to watch AI now. It's just too sad. I don't really think much of Taylor. Elliot is...well...Elliot. Katharine is ok. I hope she wins. Just tell me what happens in the end, ok? But I read in the papers that Chris already has a record contract or something. Good for him, because he certainly deserves it!

Another sad news I received is that Tania has taken a break from designing, and so she had to let go of her creative team. I got all weepy when I read her email, and I know that I'll terribly miss working with her designs. I understand her decision, and I truly admire her for her strength and courage. T, if you're reading this, hats off to you, bella! Love ya, girlie!

To perk us all up, I finished a new kit! LOL!!! I've been working with the color palette for a few weeks now. I'd prepare a paper one day, or an element on another day. Now I have a full kit, and I love how it turned out! Anyhoo, I figured it would be nice to have the kit out today, being Mother's day and all. The kit is all feminine and sweet, and I even put in a mom charm in there. Here's my Schweetschtuff!

schweetschtuff by Mrs.Schmuck

schweetschtuff by Mrs.Schmuck

So you likey??? Now this'll only be available as long as the links are active (which are at the end of my post so you have no choice but to read it till the end...hehe!) No extensions! LOL! Afterwhich, it'll go to the Day Old Donuts section of Scrapdish so we can have a little moolah for RAKScraps. If anyone buys it, at least. LOL!!! Now leave me a comment if you download, bellas! I'd love to hear what you guys think of it.

The kit includes:
7 patterned papers
5 solid papers
6 journal tabs
4 buttons
4 bows
3 ribbons
2 buckles
1 string of charms
1 white stitching
1 mom charm
1 pink flower

Finally, here are the links. I put two sets in there, but they are for the same kit, so please just download once. =)

Paperpak link1
Paperpak link2
Elements link1
Elements link2

Alright, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and to all moms out there....SMOOCHIES!!!

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frustrated...and other things
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I am just about ready to throw in the towel. I hope you don't mind my starting my post with a rant, but I am so frustrated right now. I have been working my a$$ of since last week so that I have the 20+ people hired and ready to go by next week, right? You know how many I have as of today? 5. F - I - V - E. Five!!! I don't know what the crap is going on but these applicants I'm getting are just sooo...never mind. And the thing is, I don't even get to interview so much because they don't even pass the exam! Good grief! It's a frigging IQ test, for crying out loud! Ok. I'm shutting up. On to better things...

I digi-shopped majorly today. LOL!!! Well, I did say I was moving on to better things, right? You know me...whenever I find myself in a rut, I turn to retail therapy. I don't know what's gotten over me but I am on a Designer Digitals frenzy lately. Just over the weekend, I bought 2 stuff from there. I knew it wasn't enough, so I hopped on over there today and put 11 other stuff in my cart. LOL!!! Mostly elements, brushes and stamps. Yummy stuff!!! Look for them in my upcoming pages.

Speaking of pages, I absolutely ADORE the latest one I did. Which of course, I will show you in just a bit. LOL! My mom and I visited Chloe's grandma last Sunday, because she was making our dresses for the upcoming diamond wedding anniversary of my grandfolks (more on that in a bit too!). So anyhoo, when we got there, Chloe was watching Little Mermaid for the millionth time, I think. She's memorized practically all the lines! I say practically because she's only 2 1/2 years old, so she can't really speak in complete sentences yet, but she sure sounds like she knows what she's saying. LOL! What a cute-ums! But can I just tell you that I've watched Little Mermaid maybe a couple hundred times so I also know all the lines? And I don't mean just the songs, but the entire dialogue. Yeah, pathetic, I know! But see how you know that Chloe and I are related? I swear, this kid and I have a bond stronger than blood! LOL!!! There was one time when Chloe was here, and we had a shared moment of insanity. Seriously! We were both lying on the bed, and for some reason known only to us (although I still wonder, until now...), we were laughing like crazy. And I mean crazy! Like hyena crazy! We'd stop for a moment but when we'd look at each other, we'd laugh all over again. *sigh* I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

I've been rambling. I was telling you about the latest page I did and I went on to other things. Jeez. Anyhoo, I got these awesome shots of Chloe and I can't wait to make pages out of 'em. Here's the latest one I made.

Robin Carlton's Manda Manda Bo Banda kit at SSD
bg pp by Gina Miller at SBB, stitching by Ronna Penner at SBE, lace by Kate Teague at DD
Fonts: Downcome, CAC Leslie, AppleScruffs

I totally LOVE it! Isn't Chloe an absolute angel??? I caught her in one of her "quiet" moods, and believe me, that doesn't happen often. I loved the kit that Robin made, and I love putting all the elements together. See the lace? Isn't it gorgeous? Yeah, got that Designer Digitals! Good stuff, baby!!!

Ok, so I mentioned that my grandfolks are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary this June. Isn't that just awesome?! Wow. They're both 91 years old, but both still so strong. In fact, my gramps still drives sometimes. It practically gives his kids an instant heart attack, but he's quite stubborn so he gets his way. LOL! Our relatives are flying in from everywhere to celebrate the occasion, so you know it's a big thing. Anyhoo, I had to have a dress made since we will all be walking down the aisle as one HUUUUGE entourage. I've been surfing and found this dress.

image swiped from www.jimhjelm.com

I just fell in love with it! So elegant and classy! Just one problem though...it needs b00bs and b00bs I don't have. LOL!!! I told the dressmaker to make a similar design but to give me magic b00bs, and my idiot of a brother says I wouldn't need magic...because I need a miracle. Creep. LOL!!!

Alright, I gotta go. I'm trying to work on a kit right now. Maybe something for Mother's day, and I'd like to give it as a RAK. We'll see. I hope I get to finish it by then. LOL! Ok, I'm really shutting up now.

Hope you're all spreading the love, bellas! Ciao!

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we're all good
Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blogger's being cranky. I'm trying to view my homepage, and I don't see my banner and my entire sidebar. Crap. All the links to what would've been my bloghopping frenzy are there, and now I'm stuck. Yeah, I should have them in my bookmarks, but I'm lazy and I always bloghop from my blog. I figure it's a good start. I know I can also check the forums and see the links to their blogs, but again, I'm lazy. LOL!

Mr. S is out for the evening with his friends. I miss the tub of lard already, and I have difficulty sleeping when I don't feel his fat beside me. The bed is too big with just me on it. And speaking of Mr. S, we're all good now. hehe! I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I really hate not paying him any attention, so I declared a truce last Friday night. Ok, so maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's buying me a new laptop as his anniversary present. LOL!!!!! Am I a sucker or what?!?! Ok, don't answer that. I gotta admit...I can be bought. HAHAHAHAHA!!! No, but seriously, I thought long and hard about what I was doing. I just didn't feel right feeling that way days before our anniversary. Chubby-hubby has his faults, but he does make up for it in some other way. He may not have a romantic bone in his body, nor can he cough up a surprise even if his life depended on it. But that's the way he is and I knew that even before, and I guess I have to make him realize that I need those things sometimes. Compromise, right? Yeah, I distinctly remember learning that from Sesame Street.

To celebrate our anniversary, Tubby did take me out on a dinner date at a resto I loved. We went to Good Earth, which is a Chinese resto, and they have the most deeeelicious seared tuna sashimi on the face of the planet. LOL! We ordered a feast!!! Aside from the seared tuna sashimi, we ordered lobster balls, fried wanton, prawns with garlic sauce, scallops with asparagus spears, and their special fried rice. Yummmmmy!!! By the time we were done (we only had a few spoonfuls of rice left as proof that we'd been there!), we were so full that I was sure we had to be carted out of the place. LOL! Then we headed on to Starbucks to finish off the meal with a good brew. Aaaahhh...that was an orgasmic delight!

Hey, wanna know what I got Mr. S? I got him four presents! First, I got him this cute Nike shirt that said "I scored last night!" on the front, then some football league at the back. LOL! I thought it was too funny, and I knew I had to get it for Tubs. Then I got him a pair of cool cargo shorts, which he loves to wear. Then I got him a pair of casual pants in a fab color. And lastly, I got him a really nice polo shirt at Ralph Lauren. It was so funny cause I gave him the gifts one at a time. When he woke up, I greeted him, gave him a kiss, and handed gift #1. When he went to have breakfast, gift #2 was waiting for him on the dining table. Then when he headed to the kitchen to get himself a Coke (yes, first thing in the morning!), gift #3 was waiting there too. Then after breakfast, I waited for him in our room and handed him gift #4 which was hiding under the bed. Fun!!! I was almost more excited than he was about the gifts. LOL!!!

So although the anniversary has come and gone, I'm still working on the album I wanted to make. How's that for timely, huh? Heehee! But I love making pages from our wedding photos. Here's the second one I did.

Our Wedding Day
Robin Carlton's She kit at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Font: Marydale

This is a scraplift of Gail's (Ju Bean) Cool Hat layout at 2peas. The SweetNSassy team of Robin have an ongoing challenge right now, where we scraplift each other every week. Last week, we were lifting Gail's work, and her pages are sooo amazing. She works with a lot of white space, and I love her style.

This next layout I did is the most challenging I've done. Ever. This week, we're scraplifting Peta (little possum) and when I saw her album, I was floored! Lots of gorgeous stuff in there, but what struck me was how honest her pages were. I'm sure you've noticed that I don't do a whole lot of journaling in my pages. Well, I decided to lift Peta's work not just in design, but in journaling as well. Here's my lift of her I Believe In a Better Way layout at 2peas.

Tania Cordova's Sun Showers kit at Scrapdish and Digital Freebies
Font: Antique Typewriter

I think the journaling says everything already, so I'll leave it at that.

Well, I gotta hit the sack. I'll leave you with my latest layout of Chloe. May her sweetness find its way into your day, bellas!

Lynnie Smith's Sweet Georgie kit at Younique Photos, and Nancie Rowe Janitz's alpha shmootzy brushes at ScrapArtist
Font: Century Gothic

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