shooing the chickens, etc
Sunday, March 26, 2006

I know I'm a few days late, but good news like this cannot be NOT blogged about...

Chicken Little is out of the running for American Idol!!! Woohooooo!!! Finally, if I may say. I have been praying for weeks to get the guy out of there, and the people up above have decided to grant my wish. Honestly, I was surprised he got the boot that week. I was expecting Bucky to go, since his performance was really so-so. And though it pains me to say this, I thought Chicken Little was better than Bucky that night. BUT BUT BUT!!! That is not to say that I am not happy with the results, because I am ecstatic! Yessss!!!! Bucky's gonna go next, I reckon, unless Lisa bungles it up next week. So do you guys like Taylor? I know that loads of people like him, and Randy and Paula just lap up his performance, but I don't really see what the big deal is about. Simon is right, ya know. It is a singing contest, not a dancing contest. And c'mon, as far as dancing goes, he's not even doing a good job of it. Oh well.

But did you see the performance of Chris? OH. MY. LORDY. I swear, that man is good enough to eat!!! He just keeps getting more and more delicious every week. Oh, and he has found residence on my desktop too. LOL!!! I think I've found true love, people.

My one true love!

Remember in my last post where I said that I hope things'll stay normal for a bit longer? Well, it ain't going to longer than Tuesday because I am leaving again. Yep. Found out last Tuesday, got approved last Wednesday, and booked on Thursday. I know I'm in for another terribly terribly busy time, but I'm quite excited actually. We're finally rolling out that training program that we designed, and so I'll be in Malaysia for 5 days, then heading straight to Indonesia for another 5 days. And looking at my itinerary, there is absolutely no time to do anything else but work. Again, I am going to countries which I will end up not seeing. LOL!!!

That being said, I am rushing on some of my assignments. I already finished my April mega kit contribution for RAKScraps, and the April prize too, so as far as designing goes, I'm all set. But I have 4 layouts to finish, and an article to research on for the RAKScraps newsletter. Isn't it crappy how life gets in the way of scrapping?

Here's the April prize kit I made. When I was thinking of a name for the kit, I asked Mr. S for some help. He told me to name the kit after him, and so I did. LOL!!! Presenting...Tubby Hubby!

Image hosting by Photobucket

It'll be one of the prizes to be given away in April, so if you'd like have it, head on over to the site and join the challenges! It'll be fun, and there'll be prizes galore!

On the homefront, things are going real good. Lately, I've been thinking of scrapping our wedding photos since our first year anniversary is coming up in April. Can you believe that?! One year! Wow. It's amazing how chubby hubs has gotten through one year with me. Unscathed, it seems. I still like to bug him every night before going to sleep. He's gotten a bit used to it, and he likes to tell his sisters about our nightly "quality time" conversations. LOL!!!

Friday last week was the anniversary of Mr. S's folks, and we all went to this 50s bar/resto where a band music. I had a real good time and was happily jiggling to the music! I guess it helped that my folks exposed me to this type of music, so I was able to relate. My dear darling husband, on the other hand, slept. SLEPT! In the bar. Where a band was playing rock n' roll music. At full blast. Imagine my surprise when I turned to look at my husband and saw him sitting on his chair, arms crossed, and sleeping! How rude! LOL!!! Anyhoo, I had to nudge him awake and so I ended up with a cranky husband the rest of the night. Sheesh. What a brat.

Ok, I gotta get back to work. And since my flight is early on Tuesday, I may have to start packing tonight as well. I'm not sure if I'll have time to pop in for the next 10 days, but in case I don't get to, you guys have a fabulous week, alright?

Ciao, bellas!

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one man show
Sunday, March 19, 2006

I think my ass grew over the weekend.


Now that wasn't a very nice opening statement. I was thinking of something to describe my weekend, and that was what came to mind. I spent the entire weekend in front of my puter, but I am so thrilled because I managed to do an ATC (artist trading card) swap with Melinda, a layout for the RAKScraps night owl challenge using Tania's Berthoud & Blues kit, another layout for Tania using A Little Twitterpatted kit, a layout for Robin using The Egg kit, AND I finished my April prize kit. Talk about productive eh? LOL! But since being in front of my puter means I'm sitting on my ass all day, I seriously think it grew. Damn. Anyhoo, I have a hankering for showing off today, so in a while, I will show you all of the abovementioned finished tasks.

I still have a few assignments to do, but I'm beginning to feel like it's getting manageable. Whew! Now if only things stay this normal for a little bit longer...

Awriiiight, so on with my one-man show!

Tania Cordova's A Little Twitterpatted kit at Digital Freebies and Scrapdish
Font: Times New Roman

Beyond Cuteness
Robin Carlton's The Egg kit at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Fonts: Establo, Ink Burrow

This Dr. is in my House
Tania Cordova's Berthoud & Blues kit at Digital Freebies and Scrapdish
Fonts: Times New Roman, Century Gothic

I was going to show you the latest kit I made, which is a prize for one of the events in April on RAKScraps, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show it already. So instead, I'm going to show you a closeup of my contribution to the March mega kit. Four links have been handed out, so go get your butts over to the site ok?

RAKScraps March mega kit

So that ends my one-man show. I hope your weekend was as productive as mine was, and have a great week ahead won't ya? Smoochies!!!

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catching up
Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ok, so I'm slowly catching up. It's going very very slowly, but yes, I do believe I'm catching up. But before I start to tell you what I've been up to since I got back from Singapore, lemme just share a bit more about my trip.

I've already told you to the work part of it, which was just really overwhelming. I went through my previous post again and got tired just reading about it. LOL! I did get some questions about what shoes I brought home from Sing. hee! You guys just know me so well eh? Well, let me tell you, I came home with nary a shoe stowed in my luggage. Alas, there was no shoe moment for me in Singapore. It's sad, really, and I did look. Hell, I even saw two of my own pairs of shoes on display at Nine West over there! But being the trooper that I am, and knowing that I deserved the retail therapy after the hellish week I had, I more than made up for it by buying myself new clothes. And I also spread the good fortune to my folks and Mr. S by buying them new clothes too. Damn, I just looove shopping! And yep, overworked my credit card again. *sigh*

Oh, I forgot to tell you. The weekend before I left for Sing? bought myself a new pair of shoes. Again. I just couldn't help it! Mr. S and I had dinner out with some of my relatives, and we got there early, so I told Mr. S that we look around the mall. I mean, who would've known that Nine West would have a sale there, right? And I saw this fantastic pointy shoes in a camel shade I didn't have, and it was 70 frigging percent off!!! Who in their right mind would pass up a steal like that?!?! LOL!!! Ok, so that's 4 pairs in 6 weeks. I should definitely stay away from the mall eh? Yeah, right...

So, any of you guys watch American Idol? Isn't Chris Daughtry just sizzling HOT? I swear, he is good enough to lick all over like a popsicle! LOL!!! Everytime he starts to sing, I get this goofy grin on my face. Worse than a groupie, I tell ya! But man, he is just SO DAMN HOT!!! I was really surprised with the bottom 3 today though. Oh, well not completely surprised. I mean, I knew Melissa would fry. I mean, c'mon! You forget the lyrics of the song in front of Stevie Wonder AND THEN decide to forget it again in front of the entire telly-watching population?! That just really nailed her coffin. But Ace? And Lisa? My jaw dropped when they were called. And Ace had the most adorable poor puppy dog look on his face when he was onstage, waiting for his verdict. I wanted to run up to him and give him a hug. But can somebody please get Kevin outta there? I have been praying for weeks for Chicken Little to get booted out. I don't think I can stand another performance from the guy. And don't you think he's getting a bit too cocky for his own good? I seriously think that HE thinks he's really a sex symbol. Helloooo?!?!

Anyhoo, before I left for Singapore, I've been busy designing a few things for RAKScraps, and I'm quite proud of one of the kits I made.

Cool Melons

I named it Cool Melons because the colors reminded me of...well...melons. And how cool they are. LOL!!! I was uber thrilled when I got a message from Robin saying that they were using my kit as the freebie for the newsletter chat. Wow! It sure gave me the warm fuzzies!

And because I'm a showoff, here's the kit I made for RAK week. I named it Citrus Berries.

Citrus Berries

And here's my contribution to the February mega kit.

February RAKScraps Mega Kit Contribution

I've been having a ball designing, and it makes me all sorts of happy when others say how much they like the kits, and especially when I see layouts done with my kits. Such an amazing feeling! Warm fuzzies galore!!! Have you seen the preview of the March mega kit yet? Wowzers!!! Head on over to RAKScraps and check it out! I think Jeanine is releasing the kit tomorrow. And while you're there, join in on all the fun stuff happening! I'm presently working on another kit which will be given away in April, and the paint chip for April's mega kit is out too, and it's sooo fun!!!

I also managed to scrap a few pages! Woohoooo!!! Much as I love designing, I can never really let go of making layouts. Here's one that I made for Maybelle.


Lynnie Smith's Tattered Tales kit at Younique Photos
Fonts: Arriere Garde, Festus, Century Gothic

She was chosen as this month's winner in the Your Photo 5 Ways, where 5 members of the RAKScraps creative team will make layouts using her photos. I just love making pages for other people, and scrapping photos of her cutie patootie son was such fun!

Now this is one I made of Chloe. It's a bit of an old photo, taken last December. But I loved how it turned out, and the soft colors in this kit were so pretty!

Just Can't Get Enough of You

Robin Carlton & MandaBean's double scoop kit Isn't She Lovely at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Fonts: Century Gothic

So is that catching up or what?!? LOL!!! I hope to be able to do more layouts over the weekend. I have some awesome photos of Chloe which I took last weekend, and my mind is bursting with ideas.

Hope you guys are having a fantastic week so far! Friday is just around the corner, so there is reason to smile. LOL! Ciao, bellas!

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

That, in a word, describes how I am feeling right now.

I'm back from Singapore, and it was like I was never there. Seriously! I only saw the city for maybe a total of 7 hours. I was there for 8 days, 6 of which I spent working myself to the bone, and I feel that I worked the equivalent of 12 days. I don't recall ever having worked so hard in my entire career. Our days started at 9am, and at best, we'd end at midnight. One time we ended at 2am. Another time, we ended at 1am. Maannn, that was tough! Lunch was always brought in, which meant that we literally locked ourselves in and worked right through lunch. Dinner was whenever the thought of eating would actually enter our frazzled minds. On our first day at work there, our dinner was at midnight. I'm telling you, I lost even more brain cells when I was in Singapore. I'm talking millions here.

But, being the optimist that I am, there were great things I took home from that trip. I learned SO MUCH from our regional training director, and looking at what we've accomplished in the 6 days we worked, I can just burst with pride. It was an amazing experience, and given the chance to do it again, I am quite sure that my answer would be yes.

There's so much I want to say about my Singapore trip, but there is just too much to do. Work has piled up, and on top of that are my deliverables from this regional project. Then there are my scrapping stuff that I have to do. I managed to finish my RAKScraps mega kit contribution for March, so at least that's one thing off my hands. But I have two new kits from Robin that I must get working on, plus one for Tania, plus two more for Lynnie. And I have to start posting in the forums over at RAKScraps too, which I totally missed doing while I away!


I am drowning. And I don't even know how to swim. LOL!!!

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