the magic of retail therapy
Saturday, January 28, 2006

Where do I begin?

Alright, first off, my hard drive died on me. Yeah, it's a new puter but that hard drive came from the old puter. I don't really know what happened except one day, I just couldn't access the drive anymore. Windows also wasn't detecting it when it booted. It's not my main drive, but it is where I keep all my digi stuff and all my photos. Isn't that just terrible?!?! I nearly died! It's a good thing I backed up most of my stuff when I got the new puter last month. But the sad story doesn't end there. Aside from losing the latest stuff I got and the photos I took over the weekend (aargh!!!), it turns out that one of the zip files of my kits is corrupted. So all my kits from designers N-R are gone. Vamoosh. Somebody stab me with a spoon!

I went to one of those magic guys who can do...ummm...magic stuff with puters. He said he could try to open up the hard drive, get the data, and transfer it to another hard drive. Now that sounded like a mighty fine idea to me, and who the hell cares how he'll do that and if it really is possible. But when he told me how much it was going to cost...bejeezus!!! Soooo, I live with the stuff I have and just figure out a way to live.

It amazes me how great people are in the digi world. When I lost most of my stuff, I emailed the designers of my creative teams to ask if I could re-download their stuff, and their responses have been nothing but sweet! I also sent a message over at ScrapArtist if I could re-download the orders I had. I wasn't expecting that my request would be granted, but I was sincerely touched by Nancie's fast response. Before I could even start to grovel at her feet, my downloads have been updated and I now have my Nancie stash in place. Amazing people in the digi world, I tell you! Such a wonderful community, and I totally love it!!!

Anyhoo, to console myself, I went out today to buy myself a 200G hard drive. Then I thought that I needed more consoling so I got myself a Wacom Graphire4 tablet. Then I thought that I needed even more consoling so I got myself a bluetooth usb thingamajiggy. Then I thought that Mr. S needed to commiserate so I bought him a pair of jeans. LOL!!! Now that's what I call a much needed retail therapy.

Speaking of Mr. S's jeans, do you know how much these freaking things are?!?! Ok, so they are RL jeans, but the last time I bought him a similar pair they were only half the price of what I paid today! When the lady at the counter told me how much my total bill was (with just one pair of jeans!), I literally paused and stared at her for a good 10 seconds. I think I even had my mouth open. But I regained my composure, smiled and said sure thing! Like I wasn't on my way to poverty. Later, I told Mr. S that he's going to have to find another brand of jeans to wear. Or live with the pair I bought for the next ten years or so.

Hey, have you guys seen the latest issue of DMM yet??? I got my complimentary copy a few days ago and saw my first ever published layout. WOWZERS!!! So if you haven't seen it yet, go over to their site and subscribe. It's only $4.99 but packed with good stuff!

Well, I gotta go. I've got a lot of work to do. Need to figure out a foolproof backup system for my files. Need to get that system into place and actually back up. Need to extract backed up files to my new hard drive. Need to re-download lost kits. Then I need to make new layouts for my creative teams.

Ciao, bellas! Smoochies!!!

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bonus, shopping, lens and a freebie!
Monday, January 23, 2006

Today was a looong day. But hey, it was a fantastic loooong day! Had to stay late at the office today to finish a report, but I also got my HUGE bonus today!!! Woohoooo!!! I'm not poor, I'm not poor!!! LOL!!! Man, it feels so fcuking great to know that I can pay my bills AND still shop. teehee!

Speaking of shopping, I got 7 grand poorer over the weekend. I spent Saturday at the mall with my friends, and I just couldn't help myself. First off, there was a sale at Mango and I just had to have this ultra cool black shirt with vintage cowboy tags on it (there's a photo somewhere below this post...). Then I saw this fabulously classic and elegant black 3-inch stiletto pumps at Nine West that is really a must in every woman's shoe wardrobe. Oh perfection!!! It was definitely a shoe moment. Know what I mean? A shoe moment is that point when you put your foot in the shoe, and BAM! It fits. It is just right. It is pure bliss. You had to have it. It was meant for you. Something like a shoe orgasm. Anyhoo, I was trying to recall what else I bought, and realized that it was really just those two things. And those two things already set me off by 7 grand?! Shit. But I have no regrets. It was a much needed retail therapy, so my mental health is in stable condition.

Then I finally got my Canon 50mm 1.8 lens last weekend! Oh wow, it is just amazing!!! I will let my photos speak for themselves...

I totally LOVE it!!! And isn't Chloe such a cute patootie?!?! And such a smart little kid too. Obviously takes after her aunt. She's already memorized her alphabet and she can count all the way to 24 before she goes back to 11. LOL!!! As usual, the minute she saw us last weekend, she was all smiles and saying "Hiiiii!" in her singsong voice. Too stinkin' cute!!!

Sunday night was the birthday dinner of my sister in law, and they planned a surprise cowboy party for her, in honor of Brokeback Mountain. LOL! I sooo enjoy these things so I had to dress the part. Check me out!

Authentic enough? LOL!!! And I wore my new ultra chic shirt from Mango. I couldn't find a cowboy hat in the mall, so I had to make one myself. Not bad eh? My mother in law says I have talent. LOL!

Ok, and lastly, before I head off to bed, I finally got some freebies done. I already posted this over at RAKScraps yesterday. It should also be available at YouniquePhotos sometime soon since I emailed these to Lynnie earlier today.

Bling blings seem to be the latest thing in digiscrapping (and flowers!) so I happily joined the bandwagon and made these. The petals and the gems are interchangeable, or you can use just the gems or just the petals. You can download these jeweled petals HERE. Oh, and just 5 more days before the element team members for RAKScraps are announced. Please please please!!! I promise not to buy any new shoes this year if I get in the team. I promise to be good!!! LOL!!!

Alright, I'm off to bed. I hope you guys had a fab weekend! G'night!!! Smoochies!!!

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3 tags for 4s...and an outpour!
Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Got tagged by Leslie, Audra and Robin. These things pressure me. LOL!!! But they're so much fun!

Here goes...

Four jobs you've had in your life:
customer service officer
customer service supervisor
training & recruitment manager
ummm...wife??? LOL!!!
Can you believe I've been working for the same company since I got out of college?!

Four movies you would watch over and over:
Notting Hill
The Princess Bride
Sleepless in Seattle
The Notebook
Ok, I know I put 5, but can you tell how sappy I am? I'm such a hopeless and/or pathetic romantic.

Four places you have lived:
Marinduque, PH - was born here
San Juan, PH - moved here when I was 4
Paranaque City, PH - moved here when I was 6
Yep, just 3. And I'm staying put. Not budging an inch.

Four TV shows you love to watch:
House - because Hugh Laurie is a god and I would gladly shower rose petals in his path
Sex and the City - my bible on video
One Tree Hill - only because I drool over Chad Michael Murray who is such a FINE specimen of testosterone. I have absolutely no idea what the show is about!
Desperate Housewives

Four places you have been on vacation:
Puerto Galera
Brisbane, Australia
Holy shit! I don't frigging go on vacation?!?!

Four websites you visit daily:
friends' blogs

Four of your favorite foods:
fried chicken
shrimp - it doesn't matter how it's cooked. if it's shrimp, i'll gladly eat it.

Four places you would rather be right now:
Hugh Laurie's bed
Chad Michael Murray's bed
In Manolo Blahnik's private studio with a million dollars to spend on his shoes
Bungee jumping in Costa Rica

Four bloggers you are tagging:
Can I be selfish and not tag? LOL! It's gotta stop at some point, so I am being that point.

I found out two days ago from my dear friend Grace that Hugh Laurie won the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama television series. Wooohooooo!!! Oh yeah, baby!!! I've been all over the web, looking for pictures and video clips. I feel like a crazed stalker. LOL!!! *sigh* But he is such a dreamboat...

Here he is, the other love of my life, just as he was about to accept his Golden Globe! LOL!!!

Oh, can I just say that I am absolutely THRILLED by the response I've been getting after I offered Sweet Chloe kit?! Holy crap!!! Thank you sooo much for all the wonderful things everyone's said about my kits! I've been getting private messages and emails, AND I've had two more offers to sell on their sites! Can you believe that?!?! BIGGERWOWZERSFROMHEAVENSABOVE!!! When it rains, it totally pours! LOL! But, but, BUT! I'm sticking to my earlier decision. I need more experience, and I'm really really really hoping that I get in the RAKScraps element team because it is the perfect opportunity. Just 9 more days....

It's going to be a busy weekend for me, so I may not have time to make a new kit. I'm going to the mall with my friends on Saturday, then there's lunch at my brother's house on Sunday, and then there's a birthday dinner for my sister-in-law. But I still might have a little something for you anyway...not a kit, but just a few elements that are so stinkin' cute!

Ok, lemme go work on those elements now so I can have it ready by the weekend. I'll have links for it over at RAKScraps and YouniquePhotos and here at my blog too. I hope everyone's having a great week, so far! Smoochies y'all!!!

mrs. schmuck | 9:11 PM | 7 comments

a thanks, and a funny story
Monday, January 16, 2006

Wow. Can I just pop in to say that I am totally floored by your comments??? I could kiss each and every one of you! Thank you so SO much for your kind words about my work (in both scrapping and designing) and for your encouragement. Talhey's comment made me laugh out loud. Chloe and pearls...aww yeah, that's me, baby! LOL!!! But seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And for that, I'll try and come up with another little something for you this weekend. hee!

By the way, Lynnie also featured my Sweet Chloe kit in YouniquePhotos. So if those yousendit links expire, you can head on over to her site and get it too. It's in the freebies section. Aside from this kit, the Photoshop brushes I made from ages ago is also available. So while you're there, you may want to take on the first challenge in the site. Create a layout sharing your love story and you have a chance to win a GC in the store. Cool!

Speaking of Lynnie, I made another layout last night, and I used her Unforgettable kit. It had some really unique elements, and I made what I think is a very striking layout in its simplicity.

Lynnie Smith's Unforgettable kit at YouniquePhotos
Font: Laine Day SH, Century Gothic

On the homefront, I have a funny story. You see, I like to annoy my husband. And I'm always on the lookout for more ways of annoying him. I believe it keeps the spark in our marriage. And the thing is, I like doing these annoying things before going to bed or just as he is about to enter sleep oblivion. Ok, from hereon, read this with an open mind. You are about to find out how strange I can be.

One thing I like to do is have our husband-wife quality time talk. When we're both under the covers, and he's found his warm spot on the bed, I bombard him with my wifely questions. So how was your day today, baby? What did you do? Didja have a lot of meetings? What was your meeting about? Is that a new project? Where did you guys have lunch? Was it any good? And so forth and so on. This annoys Mr. S like hell, but the funny thing is that he keeps answering. Then at some point I get bored and I tell him to keep quiet cause I'm trying to sleep. LOL!!!

Another thing I like to do is engage my husband is my nightly water ritual. Don't worry, there's nothing tribal or voodooish about it. So anyhoo, the way it happens is Mr. S is already in bed. He's all snuggled up under the covers and is warm and toasty and sleepy. Then I come in (from digiscrapping in the other room, most likely), turn off the lights, and join him under the covers. After a few moments of silence, I will then say that I'm terribly thirsty and would love some water. He'll then grumble and complain, and I'll put on my best puppy dog face, and in the end, he will get up and get me water. Then I'll take over his warm spot on the bed. LOL!!! But isn't he a sweetie???

And lastly, and this is by far the best among my annoy-ploys, just when Mr. S is about to step into sleep oblivion, I like to very veeeerrrrrryyyy sloooooowwwwwlyyyy put my little pinkie finger in his nose.

G'night, and don't let the bed bugs bite!

mrs. schmuck | 8:36 PM | 7 comments

change can be good...'s a matter of attitude

Sunday, January 15, 2006

This week has been all about change. Whew! Where do I start?

Things have been shaking at the office since Monday. There was a HUGE announcement made, and everyone's scurrying about as though there's a Jen Wilson sale going on. Oh, didja hear about that? She had a (supposed) one-day sale, and because the entire digi world flocked to SBB to buy her awesome stuff, the store crashed. LOL!!! That was just friggin' funny! Imagine being THAT great that you manage to crash a site. Wow. So she had to extend her sale, and I managed to get $30 poorer. Yes, I am weak. LOL!

So anyhoo, I'm rambling. What was I talking about before that? Oh yeah. The office announcement. It was HUGE, I tell ya. And you know how it is when things change. People just have a natural tendency to panic. I had my own concerns, but I asked the right people...people who had answers...and realized that everything's fine and dandy. Quite exciting, in fact. I hope everyone else realizes that too. For their own good. That's when I realized that it's really all about attitude. *sigh* I can't wait till all the furor dies down.

Hey hey hey, there's an element team call over at RAKScraps! Woohoooo!!! It's another one of those changes I'm talking about since I'm thinking of applying. Oh wait...I already applied. LOL!!! Composed my email this morning, attached some of my designs, and with fingers crossed, hit the SEND button. Announcement will be made on the 28th, so I don't know how I will manage till then. LOL! It's a huge step for me because as an element team member, you will have to design for the monthly mega kits and the freebie prizes. I don't have much experience in designing, but I love the site and would absolutely KILL to get on the team. LOL! But I was truly tickled pink when Jeanine sent me a private message, just to be sure that I saw the call for an element team. How sweet is that?! Anyhoo, I hope my stuff is good enough to get on the team.

Speaking of designing, and maybe just to test my designing abilities too, I made another kit. I got inspired by some gift wrapper I saw in a bookstore last week, and made this...

Totally love how it turned out, but is it good enough??? LOL!!! It has 12 patterned or textured papers, 4 metal flower elements, 4 epoxies, 4 pearls, 1 pearl strand, 3 ribbons, 1 stapled ribbon and 1 flower cutout. Lemme know what you guys think. Even if you don't digiscrap, do you like the designs? The patterns? And if you do like it and you're a digiscrapper, you can download it here.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say this, so let's keep it partly confidential by not naming names. LOL!!! I got an email from a designer, and she offered me a position as a PAID designer on her site. WOWZERSFROMHEAVENABOVE!!! Such a sweet, sweet lady and her confidence in me just blows me away! However...I feel that I am not yet ready to take THAT big a step. I mean, who would buy my stuff?!?! LOL!!! But just receiving that email offer, I am frigging grinning from ear to ear. Who knows? Maybe IF I get on the RAKScraps element team, then I'd get enough experience to one day sell my stuff. In the meantime, I'm all for learning more and more and more. So expect more freebies here in the meantime.

Here's a page I was able to finish last Thursday. I used Lynnie's Pardesha Pink kit, which is just perfect for girly pages.

Lynnie Smith's Pardesha Pink kit at YouniquePhotos
Ribbon from Ronna Penner's Ribbonshop Vol. 1
stitching from Ronna Penner's decorative stitching I
chipboard effect by Atomic Cupcake
Fonts: Times and Times Again, Lainie DaySH, Century Gothic

And with that, I'm heading off to bed. It's back to work tomorrow. Goodnight, y'all! Smoochies!!!!

mrs. schmuck | 7:52 PM | 13 comments

sometimes i wonder...
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

...why I married this man. I'm talking about Mr. S, of course.

I was sitting here, happily bloghopping and checking out photography sites. In he comes, asking for a kiss. Sweet, right? Yeah, well the story isn't done yet. And don't worry, because I am not about to gross you out with a blow by blow narration of our declarations of love. So I kissed him, then as he was about to leave, I decided to ask him, "So why'd you come in here? You missed me, didn't you? You wanted to see my pretty face, didn't you?"

And without batting an eyelash, my dear husband turned to me and said, "Actually, I needed to poop and you were my motivation."

Somebody PLEASE enlighten me.

mrs. schmuck | 9:37 PM | 9 comments

a week into 2006
Sunday, January 08, 2006

A week in the new year has gone by. Can you believe that? Pretty soon, it'll be Christmas again. LOL!!! Ok, so maybe not THAT fast. How has 2006 been for you, so far?

First off, I wanted to say thanks to those who offered help on the recovery of the wedding photos I idiotically erased. The bad news is that they seemed to have vanished into thin air. Seriously. I downloaded these magic recovery files and although I see some of the files I previously deleted (some even older than the wedding photos!), they are just not there. You're probably asking WTF I did anyway, right? LOL! Hell, even I'm wondering! People at the office have been asking to see the photos, and when I tell them I deleted it, they look at me like I'm kidding. Then when they realize I am serious, they look at me like I'm the biggest idiot of 2005.

I also want to say thanks to those who wished me luck on my biggest endeavor for 2006. It's the biggest endeavor of my life, actually. Yes, I am sure that I will enjoy myself while making a baby. I will make sure that I do. I also plan to keep trying even after I get a positive result, and will probably only stop when the doctors tell me to. LOL!!! I'm reminded of this email I received about some interesting facts. Like didja know that pigs have orgasms that last for 30 minutes? 30 WHOLE FRIGGING MINUTES!!! See, it pays to snort and wallow in mud.

BIG NEWS! BIG NEWS! Before I burst my bladder with excitement here, let me just share with you that I got my biggest scrapbooking toot thus far. One of my layouts is going to be published in Digital Memories Magazine!!! Woohooooo!!! I finally got the courage to submit my layouts, and I sent my first one to DMM last December. I even thought that I didn't make it because I didn't hear from them until last week. But WOWZERS!!! Skippity hop hop hop!!! LOL! So please visit their site and subscribe, so you can see the layout by lil ole me in their Jan/Feb issue!

On to more good news...RAKScraps is back! Oh man, just writing that down feels sooo good. RAKScraps is back...RAKScraps is back...RAKScraps is back...RAKScraps is back...Ok, I'm stopping. The site moved servers because for quite a while, everything was going so slow. But everything is up and running now, and it's like a reunion of sorts because everyone's back and posting like crazy in the forums. LOL! I even got it on a challenge immediately, and so check out my New Year avatar on my sidebar. Fun!!!

As I am writing this post, our neighbors are having a party. And someone is singing. Terribly. Really, really terribly. They've been at it since about noon, and I've been asking God why he has to give us not just one, but three neighbors who like to sing during their parties. Judging from where the wails are coming from, I think it's the neighbors at the back who are partying up a storm. Don't get me wrong, because I'm all for parties and singing. I admit that I also like to sing, but I like to do it at the karaoke places that me and my friends like to go to. You know, where they serve liquor and have soundproof rooms. And where it's perfectly legal to make an ass of yourself while singing I Will Survive.

Oh, here are some layouts of Chloe that I've done. For this one, I used Tania's Lil Miss Molly kit, available at Digital Freebies. Isn't it such a cute kit??? I loved all the yellows with a bit of the blues, and it was just perfect for this photo of Chloe I had taken when she was here on my birthday!

Tania Cordova's Lil Miss Molly kit at Digital Freebies
Leaves brush by Devon Coker at Adobe Studio Exchange
Font: Carpenter

Chloe is growing up sooo fast. Everytime she comes for a visit, I am amazed by the changes. She also spent Christmas eve here, did I tell you that? I gotta admire the energy on that kid. She didn't sleep a wink the entire eve, and even when they left at 2am, she was still bubbling with energy. Whatever that kid is on, it works even better than what the energizer bunny is taking. Oh, the funniest thing happened when we went to hear mass that night. We were all standing outside, trying to be very quiet because after all, there was a mass going on. My dear husband decided to buy Chloe a balloon though, and when I handed it to her, she suddenly shouted "WOW, BAWOOOOON!!!" I could feel the eyes of hundreds of people boring into my back. LOL!!! What a hoot!

Oh my lord, somebody please get a gun and shoot whatever is singing...

And this here's the latest one I did, and I used Tania's Posh Tots kit also available at Digital Freebies. Love, love, LOVE the colors on this kit! And the papers are too delicious!

Tania Cordova's Posh Tots kit at Digital Freebies
Nancie Rowe Janitz's alpha shmootzy stamps
Fonts: Kids, Vintage Typewriter

The layout is a scraplift of Robin's Standing Still layout. Isn't Chloe such a sweetie? Yeah, I know, I'm a biased aunt. LOL!

I've been on a House marathon these past few days. Sometimes with popcorn, most times with just my ass on a warm and toasty spot on the bed. Aaaah, life is blissful in its simplicity. I'm now seriously thinking of sending an email to Hugh Laurie and professing my undying devotion. I am smitten, I tell you. Big time!

Alright, much as I'd love to stay and chat (how one-sided is this chat??? LOL!), I have work to do. Start of year always means performance appraisal time, so I gotta finish the ones for my training officers.

Oh. And the neighbors are still singing. If you could call it that. I may need to pop a few pills tonight if I plan on going to sleep. LOL! G'night, y'all!!!

mrs. schmuck | 4:30 PM | 6 comments

Happy New Year to one and all!!!
Sunday, January 01, 2006

LOL! I'm not really sure why, but I've been saying that since the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Complete with the sweep of an arm. Even my mom thinks I'm nuts. But hey, really...Happy New Year to one and all!!! *arm sweeping* LOL!

I was thinking of writing about the year that has just passed. 2005 was such a wonderful year for me! I guess what really stands out to me is that it is the year I got married to my Mr. S. After six long and agonizing years, I have finally become Mrs. S...and wow, what a ride it has been! I am totally loving being a wife to my husband, and married life is definitely something I'd recommend to all my friends. LOL! But I also discovered my other "loves" this year...such as digiscrapping and photography. Looking back, 2005 has given me everything I've wanted except for maybe 10 new pairs of shoes. A fantastic husband, a supportive and loving family, a great career, 2 awesome hobbies which I seem to be good at (with a new puter and a new camera to boot!), deepened friendships, and loads of new ones.

So what does 2006 have in store for me? Who knows, really. But I am looking forward to making it an even better year than last! Oh. But you wanna know what my ultimate goal for 2006 is? Have a baby. Yep. There it is. Out in the open. I'm telling you, 2006 is THE baby making year! What fun! LOL!!! But seriously, Mr. S and I are excited to have one of our own. 2005 was our year, with each of us pampering ourselves with our own hobbies and stuff. We enter 2006 poor as paupers, but happy with all our new toys. LOL! But this new year, it'll be for the little S. I'm telling's baby making or bust!

Wanna know a really stupid thing I did? It's so stupid I could cry. I told you about that wedding I went to, right? Where I said I took tons of awesome photos? Well, the photos were awesome. I already moved them from my camera to my puter, filed it in a folder and all that. Then I burned some photos in DVDs already, since it was taking up a bit of unnecessary space. Then I figured I'd erase them already since they're in the DVD. Well, as it turns out, I deleted the wedding phots WHICH WERE NOT ON THE DVD. And to make matters worse, I also deleted the photos I took last Christmas. So the only photos I have of the wedding are the ones in my previous post. Aaaarrrgh!!!! What an absolute ninny.

I need something to write about so I forget all about what an idiot I can be. OH! I am now using my brand spankin' new puter!!! Have I told you that? Hmmm, I don't think so. Man, it is soooo fast! I absolutely LOVE it! I asked Mr. S about the specs so I could brag about it, but it's all Greek to me so I've forgotten all about it. LOL! It's not yet totally complete though, because I also asked Mr. S to get me a tablet, a bluetooth thingamajiggy, and a webcam. AND he also promised to get me a new lens for my Rebel. Isn't my porky such a sweetie??? Just gotta love all that fat. LOL!!!! I want to get the 50mm with a 1.8 aperture! I've been reading the boards in some sites, and everyone's got rave reviews with this lens.

And since we're on the subject anyway, lemme share some of my recent photos with you.

Finally, here's me...wishing you all a FANTABULOUS 2006! Smoochies!!!

ok, my husband took the photo, so pardon how to have to search in the dark for me. LOL!

mrs. schmuck | 6:45 PM | 13 comments

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