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Friday, December 30, 2005

Aaaah...there is nothing better than waking up late and knowing that I don't have to rush to the office. Bliss!!! Today is day 2 of a 4-day weekend here, and I don't plan on doing anything else but eat, scrap and sleep. Yes, I plan to live the life of a digiscrapping pig.

I attended the wedding of a dear friend, Alvin, yesterday. Drove myself miles and miles away for about an hour and a half, and take note that I did that ALONE. One one hand, I'm quite proud of myself. I've never driven myself that far before, so Alvin had better love me for coming to his wedding. LOL!!! One the other hand, I was (and still am!) peeved at Mr. S for not coming with me. I had told him about this wedding since last week, but he had to go plan this meeting schmeeting with his friends. Whatever. So really, it was part love for Alvin and part pride and pigheadedness that I did it.

But hey, don't get me wrong because I loved that I went. It was a beautiful wedding, and I also discovered that Alvin is such a sweet crybaby. LOL! He cried when they showed a video his bestfriend did, he cried when his baby sister gave a speech, he cried when his bestman gave a toast, he cried when his mom gave a speech. And those are the only ones I caught! LOL! But really, it was a sweet wedding and I wish Alvin and Michele the best. Here's a lovely photo I took of the couple.

Aren't they sweet? The wedding was held in Tagaytay, which is a such a picturesque venue. I had a great time taking photos too, and I realized I definitely must buy a Speedlite for my camera.

Here's a photo I took of the view from the reception venue. I didn't use my flash so I could capture its natural lighting.

And of course, I had someone take a photo of me. LOL! I couldn't always be behind the camera, ya know. If you look at the view behind me, you can see Taal Volcano (it's left of me). Cool!

Anyhoo, on to other things. I've been quite busy the past few nights making a mini kit for the RAKScraps members mega RAK. It started last month when Christine "hosted" a kit swap. Members created mini kits or alphas or stuff, then Christine pulled everything together to come up with a whole shebang of yummy digital goodies for all who participated! LOL!!! It must've been a nightmare to get everything organized, so a huge thanks to Christine for doing that. Since the first kit swap went so well, it seems that it's now going to be a monthly thing, but rather than collating everything, you just host your own downloadable goodies. I love the color swatch that Christine chose for this month, and I sooo love the kit I came up with. Wanna see?

Cute huh? Teehee! I uploaded the file already, so you can either head on over to RAKScraps or get it here. Wanna see the one that I made for the first swap?

Not bad eh? LOL!!! But it's so fun making kits, and for some reason, I particularly enjoy making alphas.

I was watching the telly the other night, and as I was surfing channels, I found myself watching this guy pin wooden clothespins on his face. Welcome to the Guinness Book of World Records! Do you guys watch this? It is so unbelievably...lame! Sorry if there are Guinness fans out there. Ok, so the guy gets the record for the most number of wooden clothespins on his face, but who is he up against? And WHY would you do this? And it gets even funnier...this guy is actually trying to beat a previous record. You know who held it previously? HIMSELF! Isn't the fact that he continues to hold the title a clear indication that no one in their right mind would do such a thing? Oh my lordy...

Dropped by Audra's blog yesterday and saw this. WOWZERS. Now that makes me think twice about giving birth. Holy shit, it's like giving birth to twins! AT THE SAME TIME! Amazing....

Ok, I think I'm rambling now. Hope you guys are doing good! Smoochies!!!

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Monday, December 26, 2005

A huge, huge thanks and a gazillion hugs to all who greeted me on my birthday! Wowzers, you guys!!! I couldn't let my long weekend end without posting a little thank you here for y'all. Smoochies!!!

A lot of stuff has happened over the last couple of days, and I promise to tell you all about it...soon. LOL! It's back to work for me tomorrow, so I need my ZZZs. But it's just 2 days of work, then it's a 5-day weekend for me. Woohoooo!!!

But, but, BUT! I can't end this post without showing you my latest layout of Chloe. I just love how it turned out, considering I had to work with the color green. I managed to make it girly somehow, with those little flowers.

Robin Carlton & Christy Lyle's double up kit, OHnoes! available at The DigiChick
Doodles by Angie Briggs at ScrapArtist
Fonts: Petra Script

Isn't the kit awesome? I had wanted to work with boy photos since there were some really fun papers with bugs and critters and all, but I couldn't resist scrapping the latest photos I took of my cutie patootie Chloe. Anyhoo, I looove how it turned out!

And as my finale to this post (LOL!), here's one of the photos I took this month. This is my mom, gazing at our Christmas tree. Isn't she beautiful? =)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Looking forward to the New Year!!!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


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in between sniffles and wheezes
Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I've been feeling a bit under the weather the past few days. It started with some sniffles. Now I'm no longer just sniffling but wheezing and coughing. I can't damn breathe, and so now I don't just sound like a frog, but a frog with colds. How terrible can that be, huh? I can't even stand to hear my own voice.

I was a bit late with my submission for Robin's kit this week. I couldn't find the right photos to scrap, but after Sunday's dinner, I am now fully armed and ready to make layouts. Here's the one I made using the double up kit by Robin and MandaBean, So Corny. Such fun colors and elements in this kit, and I sooo love the alphas!

LOL!!! Isn't that face just priceless?!? When Chloe was here last Sunday, she was prancing and playing all over the house. All of a sudden, she just stood still and became quiet. Apparently, she "had to go" in her nappies, and I am so thrilled that I captured the moment with my Rebel XT! Man, that look of concentration on her face is just too cute! Such a poopyface!

I think I forgot to tell you that I already gave the iPod to Mr. S Tuesday last week. What can I say....HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT! He was so surprised, and when he realized what it was, I swear, his eyes were the size of saucers. LOL! Of course, now he can't seem to live without the damn thing. I'm quite sure those earphones have managed to glue themselves to his ears. The irritating thing about it is now I find myself having to repeat everything I'm saying because he never hears me the first time. AND he hasn't even let me borrow the damn thing too! LOL!!! I've totally created a monster.

I'm having a small birthday dinner this Sunday here at home. Just immediate family, really. Mine and Mr. S's. We haven't all been together since the wedding in April, so I think this'll be good and fun. I've been thinking about what to serve, and I think I'd love a surf and turf dinner. We could have some steak, grilled prawns, stuffed squid, mashed potatoes...hmmmm...oh, and asparagus wrapped in bacon for appetizers! Yummmmm!!! And maybe tiramisu for dessert? It's a pretty heavy dinner, so maybe I could just have fresh fruits with cream. I'm going to be a total pig on Sunday! LOL!

Not feeling particularly joyed about celebrating my birthday though. I think it comes with age. I also stopped knowing my age somewhere after I turned 25. So when people ask, it turns out to be like a pop quiz for me and I literally have to count in my mind to determine what my age is. *sigh* Even gifts dwindle as you age. You notice that? It's like people think adults have less capabilities to open gifts and so they're spared the task. Oh, and don't even get me started on having a birthday that's close to Christmas! That's just the pits.

Ok, so I'm totally not feeling well and my own post is even starting to depress me. LOL! I'm wheezing my way out of here. G'night y'all!

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where'd the weekend go?!
(a rhetorical question)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Well, well, well! I've been amiss the past few days. Haven't even had much time to hang around RAKScraps this weekend, and I miss the fun. *sigh* It's been a busy week at work, and I can't believe it's freaking Monday already tomorrow. Where did the weekend go?!?! Anyhoo, lemme tell you all about my week.

We had our office Christmas party last Wednesday night, and I had fun...surprisingly! There was a dance competition amongst the different departments, and our team was SOOOO good! Uber talented, I tell you! We cinched 3rd place, but seriously, and all biases aside, I felt that our group performed the best. Who the crap knows what's going on in the judges' minds! When we got called as 3rd place, there was a shocked silence from the audience. Now that alone is enough to tell you what we should've bagged first place. Ok, so before I get called a sour grape here, I'm moving on. LOL! Oh, and just so you know, I'm not part of the dance group. I wanted to, but my body couldn't hack it. Jeez, just the stretching alone was enough to send me into cardiac arrest.

Anyhoo, the party was fun, despite the results of the dance competition. There was a band that played after the whole program, and it was like a blast to the past! There was 80s music blaring from the speakers, and I found myself dancing ang gyrating on the dance floor. And with no influence of alcohol whatsoever! LOL!!! Man, what a hoot! So who cares that I didn't even win one of the 52 raffle prizes they gave away that night...including a home theater system! At least I know I can still dish out the moves with the rest of 'em! Ha!

I had the funniest "day-after-effects" of the party...I lost my voice. Seriously. Totally lost it. When I woke up the next day, I was as hoarse as you could ever imagine. It was sooo funny, and everyone at work was laughing at me. Hell, I couldn't even answer my own phone! Communication to me was strictly via email or sms. Or sign language. LOL!!! Things are slooowwly turning back to normal, and I now sound like a frog. Hopefully, by tomorrow, my voice will have some semblance of normality.

Can I just say that I was such a sloth yesterday? I slept at about 11pm on Friday night, and I woke up the next day at 10am. I had breakfast, then I slept again at about 11am and didn't wake up until 6pm! Yep, no lunch AND no shower. Holy shit, huh? Yeah, I can be a total pig sometimes. And it doesn't even end there. So I took a shower, then dressed in fresh jammies again. LOL!!! From jammies to jammies! And I have the gall to ask myself where the weekend went! I'm such a nut.

Today, we celebrated my mom's birthday. She's turning 56 tomorrow, but she doesn't look a day older than 40. She makes me optimistic that I will also "suffer" the same fate. I'm turning 31 in a few days (hint, hint!) but I can still pass for an 18 year old. LOL!!! Hey, it's MY blog ok? So just sit there and read.

The entire family was here tonight to celebrate, and it was so great seeing my brothers again. And of course, darling little Chloe was here too. The minute she got in the door, she had that cheeky little smile of hers and she just waved and said "Hiiiiii!" in a sing-song voice. Too cute!!! I was able to take so many fantastic shots of Chloe tonight, and I was so bummed out when my battery died on me. My fault really, for not fully charging the batt. What a dumbass. Note to self: buy an extra battery. But I still got some awesome shots, so that's ok. My battery's fully charged now, so I'll share a few photos with you in a moment.

A dear friend from Singapore made my day today. After feeling a bit ignored the past few weeks, I feel special today. Surprised, but special. Not sure if he even reads my blog. But if he does read this...thanks, Ro! Smoochies!!!

And with that, goodnight folks! Have a great week ahead!

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a post with no sense.   seriously.
Monday, December 05, 2005

Like the new Christmas look to my blog? Teehee! I thought I'd put a festive mood in here. I've also been getting rave reviews on my avatar. LOL! It's the beard, isn't it? So I look good with a beard??? LOL!!!

Oh, I'm a brunette now. I colored my hair yesterday, and it's on the reddish and dark-brownish side. Hmmm, not sure I like it very much. I would've wanted it to be more on the reddish and light-brownish side. Oh well. I really should learn to read the labels on those things first before buying them. You know the depressing thing about it? I just realized HOW MUCH white hair I already have. Jeez, and I'm only 30! Ok, so I'm turning 31 in a few days, but still. 30 is 30. I blame each and every strand on stress. And my stress only comes from work.

Speaking of work, it's going to be hell week this week. I need to hire 10 people this week. 10 people! In 4 days! Believe me, it's no easy task. And really, interviewing applicant after applicant after applicant is not always a fun job. Sometimes I get good ones, and I actually enjoy interviewing these people. Then there are the funny ones, like the guy I interviewed who managed to unknowingly smear ink all over his nose. LOL! I get a good laugh just thinking about it again. But then again, sometimes I get really terrible ones and about 2 minutes into the interview, I already want to tear my reddish and dark-brownish hair out of their roots. *sigh* Good luck to me!

Anyhoo, I'm yawning every 3 minutes here, so I think I'll turn in. I'm too tired and I'm not really in a scrapping mood. I hope tomorrow will be better. Robin just emailed us her latest kit, which is a double up with MandaBean, and it looks too fun!!!

Let me just leave you with one of the silly photos I took last week.


LOL!!! This little guy sits on top of my monitor at the office. He's also about an inch tall. Cute eh?

G'night y'all! Smoochies!!!

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busy bee
Sunday, December 04, 2005

I had a fantastic scrapping day today! Everything just seemed to come together so quickly, and in the end, I look at my creations and think, "Damn, that's fine!" LOL!!! I was able to do a 2-page layout, a layout I promised I'd make for a friend, an ATC (artist trading card), and a new avatar. AND I was able to play a bit with my Rebel and got some pretty fantastic shots. Well, of course that's really just my opinion. But then again, it is MY blog. LOL! I'm praying that Blogger isn't being cranky today and will let me post photos to show y'all. I mean, having spent almost the entire day in front of my puter, I think I deserve to show off. LOL!

I'm getting quite antsy about Christmas. I haven't shopped AT ALL. How lazy am I?! Damn, and I hate shopping during the Christmas rush. And I have to start ordering stuff from Amazon already so that my friends from far and beyond will get their gifts before Christmas. *sigh* Please tell me you haven't shopped as well and make me feel better, won't ya?

I'm finally getting Mr. S's iPod on Tuesday. See, I had it shipped to my friend's mom in the US since Amazon doesn't deliver electronics outside the US. Then the mom is arriving here on Monday, and the iPod hitched a ride. Can't wait, can't wait!!! Mr. S has been very ornery the past few days because of work. They've been making him go to work on weekends from 7am till 7pm. It really is a bummer, and he's a tired porky when he gets home. I hope the iPod does its charm and lifts his spirits a bit. Hell, for the price I paid, it had better! LOL!!! Oh, but I'm sure he'll love it!

YAY for Blogger!!! Ok, got my links now, so lemme show you some stuff I've done.

First off, here's a terribly cute layout I did of Chloe using Robin's latest kit, Lil Chick N Friends.

Robin Carlton's Lil Chick N Friends kit at The DigiChick
Font: Pharmacy, Valentine, Vintage Typewriter

I looove this kit! The little girly faces and the animal characters are just too stinkin' cute! The photo is one I took of Chloe back in October, so that's still using my Pentax Optio S. Man, I can't wait till Chloe visits on Sunday so I can take her photos using my Rebel.

Then here's the 2-pager I did, and I used Tania's latest kit, Mod Retro. A friend of mine at the office is getting married this month, and he emailed me their engagement photos. How cool is it that the photos just matched perfectly with Tania's kit?! The colors in this kit are just gorgeous and I absolutely love how the layout turned out. This is also my take on the sketch and font challenge over at the DigiChick.

Tania Cordova's Mod Retro kit at Digital Freebies
Font: An Unfortunate Event, Carpenter, Heather, Marydale

This next layout was a quick one! I promised a friend I'd make something for them to celebrate their anniversary. Everything just fit and I think I was done in like 15 minutes or so. And I love how it came out! I used Retrodiva's Pretty mini page kit.

Retrodiva's Pretty mini page kit at Digital Freebies
Font: Arriere Garde

Ok, and lastly (before I head off to bed), here is what I felt was my best shot today. I am extremely proud of this one because I used my Rebel's manual settings. Woohoooo! I'm learning very slowly, but damn, such fun!!!

I have some other shots and I'm thinking whether I should post the photos here as well. Or would that bore the pants off you?? Hmmm...maybe I should just put the photos somewhere else.

Anyhoo, I'm hitting the sack. Have a great weekend!

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