on a digiscrapping frenzy!
Monday, October 31, 2005

Wow, my creative juices got the best of me today. I think I must've spent the entire day in front of my now-functioning puter. But I'm not complaining because I love all the layouts that I created today. Man, I am sooo loving Robin's kits! Just see for yourself what I've done...

Robin Carlton's Cassie kit (coming this Thursday at The DigiChick); stitching from Two Soon kit by Shabby Princess (recolored); inked edge overlay by Gina Miller from For The Love of Pete kit (lightened); chipboard effect by Atomic Cupcake
Font: Times New Roman

Robin Carlton's Andy v2 kit (coming this Thursday at The DigiChick); chain ring from Little Man kit by Rachel Dickson; eyelet from Robin Carlton's Robin freebie kit at The DigiChick; ribbon from Shabby Tea Party kit by Shabby Princess (recolored); chipboard effect by Atomic Cupcake
Fonts: Times New Roman, Chemistry

Robin Carlton's Robin kit (freebie at The DigiChick); stitching by Gina Miller from For The Love of Pete kit
Fonts: Times New Roman, My Old Remington

Papers from Michelle McGraw's Megan's Dress kit; pink flower from Meredith Fenwick's Right There in B&W; stitching by Gina Miller from For The Love of Pete kit
Fonts: Century Gothic, Punch Label

Whew! Today was a VERY productive day eh? I guess you could say I'm back in the saddle again. My dear Mr. S got my old puter running so I could still digiscrap while waiting for the new puter. Isn't he the sweetest?! Gotta love that man! Although the puter is a wee bit slow (and drives me nuts when I use filters and texturize...), at least I'm staying sane and scrapping. But just between you and me, I think the real reason Mr. S fixed my puter is because I was driving him nuts when I wasn't digiscrapping and had too much free time on my hands. LOL!!!

Ok, so I gotta go. Mr. S and I are spending the Halloween night watching scary films in bed. It was my bright idea, and I know in the end, I'm the one who's going to regret this. LOL! But hey, it gives me an excuse to snuggle up to my porkchop of a husband. Hope your Halloween is fun!

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i got to scrap! i got to scrap!
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yay for me!!! Mr. S is out with his friends tonight, and so his ultra-fast puter is mine! *insert evil laugh here*

I'm so glad I got a few hours of scrapping done, and I was able to make a layout using Robin's Jennifer kit. I've always loved earth-toned kits, and when I first saw the preview of this kit, I went wowzers. Upclose, it's even more fab! I just knew I had to use it to scrap a photo of my dad, so here it is.

Isn't the kit just wonderful?! The papers are just so yummy, and the patterns are beautiful. So go grab it at The Digichick on November 3rd, ok?

Here are some of those layouts I promised to post. These were pre-mortem of my puter.

Well, I'm hitting the sack. It was a looong day at the office today, and my brain is fried. Can I just do the credits tomorrow please? I promise to do it tomorrow. Puh-leeeezz??? LOL! G'night, folks!

**edited 10.26.05 830pm**

As promised...
Jennifer kit by Robin Carlton at The DigiChick (available Nov 3rd); stitching by Gina Miller
Fonts: Times New Roman, Century Gothic

Autumn in NY kit by Kim Hill at CG Essentials
Fonts: Times New Roman, Monotype Corsiva

Petalpalooza kit by Mandabean at The DigiChick
Fonts: Mutlu, Monotype Corsiva

Font Freebie by Gina Miller and Andie Smith at The DigiChick
Fonts: HansHand, Bluecake, Century Gothic

mrs. schmuck | 12:23 AM | 6 comments

wallow with me in pity, won't ya?
Sunday, October 23, 2005

The puter has suffered a MAJOR relapse and is presently in a coma. Yep, you read it right. COMATOSE it is. It looks like one of its major organs has failed to function, and so it flat-lined this morning. It is a terrible, terrible thing to happen. Only a transplant can help it now, so Mr. S and I have been discussing whether or not to pull the plug, or keep it on the respirator. Ooookay, so that's as far as watching House is going to take me. LOL!

So what's going to happen now? This means I take an involuntary break from digiscrapping. Is there a worse fate for a digiscrapper?! Oh, the pain!!! Right now, I'm using Mr. S's laptop. Since it's office-issued, I can't really install PS on it, so I can only use it for blogging and surfing. And drooling at other people's layouts. I could use Mr. S's ultra-fast puter, which has PS7, by the way. But I married a selfish, selfish man and he refuses to let me, because he needs it for his puter games. Aaarrgh!!!

What does the future hold for this bereft digiscrapper? Well, there's light at the end of the tunnel. The hubs and I have decided to get a new puter. The new one goes to Mr. S, I get his ultra-fast puter, and the old one becomes our file server. It's going to cost us big-time, but really, we will both die if we didn't have our own puters. And DSL connection. It may take a while though, since Mr. S has to order the processor and motherboard from the US. We're looking at maybe 1-2 weeks. *gasp* So to compromise, Mr. S is going to buy a so-so (read as cheap...) motherboard just to get my old puter going until the new one arrives. It's going to be a loooong 2 weeks...

Luckily, all digiscrapping files have been backed up. In two separate locations, I might add. LOL! Can never be too sure, ya know. I was going to end this by showing you the layouts I've done pre-mortem of my puter, but blogger is being cranky and refuses to wallow with me in my pity party. I'm too lazy to go to photobucket, so you'll have to wait.

In the meantime, goodnight y'all! Hope you had a fab weekend!

mrs. schmuck | 11:58 PM | 4 comments

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

THANKS sooo much to all those who left comments about my being part of Robin's creative team! You guys are the best! Ella, my dearest bestfriend, I'm glad you found your way here. I miss you loads!!!

Ok, so I've gotten hold of Robin's upcoming kits and I'm telling you...they are FANTASTIC!!! I couldn't wait to play with it, and so I did! Here's my first layout using Robin's Cassie kit. It's titled "Uh-oh!"

By now, you all probably know my niece, Chloe. Well, here she is with her killer look. LOL! Isn't she just adorable?! The colors in the Cassie kit are so lovely and girly...just perfect for little girl photos! And the patterns are just too cute! There were so many other elements that I wasn't able to use, but do not fret, because I intend to make some more. LOL! So watch out for Robin's Cassie kit - she's coming on November 3rd at The DigiChick.

I was actually heading off to bed, but I just had to show off Robin's kit. And my work, of course. LOL!!! Hope y'all had a great day!

Cassie kit by Robin Carlton (coming Nov 3rd to The DigiChick)
Font: Black Boys on Mopeds
Program used: Photoshop CS2

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so excited i almost peed in my pants!
Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ok, so that title just came out of nowhere. But it is soooo accurately true!!! I have been holding on to this news since the weekend, and I am just bursting to tell you all about it. Now that it's official and I've gotten the go signal, come join me on my little joy ride!

I have been asked by Robin (SweetNSassyMommy) to be part of her personal creative team.


I first got Robin's private message at The DigiChick last Sunday, and I honestly couldn't believe she was referring to me. I just LOVE Robin's layouts, and her kits (showcased in her blog) are amazing! I felt honored that my layouts were noticed first off, but to actually be asked to be part of her creative team...I was speechless. Well...for about 30 seconds. Then I was squealing in excitement! LOL!!! That started a series of emails, and now, it's finally official.

Check out my little blinkie!

Too cool!!!

Alright, so let me end this post on a high note. Besides, I'm waaaay excited to go make a layout and use Robin's kits. teehee!

The puter is out of intensive care, and is in stable condition. Whew! The doctor is prescribing a break from digiscrapping. But hey, who follows doctor's orders, right? LOL!

mrs. schmuck | 6:26 PM | 8 comments

in a panic
Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ok, my puter is undergoing a MAJOR overhaul as I write this on Mr. S's laptop. All digiscrapping is put on hold until the overhaul is finished. You know those telly shows you watch where the loved one is inside the ER, going through a major surgery, and the family is outside, nervously pacing the floor? Well, that is my life now.

For several days now, my puter has been acting strange. Not sure exactly what happened and what's going on, but it has been bothering me lately. On a number of occasions, it just suddenly hangs on me and I have to reset the puter. Sometimes, it just fails to boot and it gives me some error response. You won't believe the panic I felt!!! So after that happened, I immediately backed up my digiscrapping files. It was just then that I realized how much digiscrapping stuff I had accumulated. LOL! Well, I think my puter may have suffered a breakdown of some sort today, and so it's on an indefinite bed rest. CRAP!!!

Ok, so Mr. S is in there now, reformatting my puter. One diagnosis is that my lan card is busted, so I'll have to buy a new one tomorrow. I'm now seriously considering upgrading my motherboard, processor and memory. That's gonna cost me quite a bit though, so I'll have to sleep on that first. In the meantime, please pray for the safe recovery of my puter.

But hey, I do have some good news. Mr. S finally bought me my new scanner! Woohooooo!!! I don't know the exact model, but I'm sure that it can scan at a minimum of 1200dpi and it has 48-colour something and it's capable of OCR. LOL!!! As you can clearly see, I'm just the user. I learned those minimum requirements from Tania, so I just passed them off to Mr. S for purchasing. I got the scanner yesterday, and I've been scanning stuff left and right. LOL! But just when I'm in the mood to create layouts with my old photos, my puter goes berserk. Sigh. Life isn't fair. I have done several layouts the past few days, but haven't had time to upload them on my webshots album nor here. I promise to do that as soon as my puter has recovered.

Can you believe the weekend is over already??? It just goes by soooo fast! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

mrs. schmuck | 8:10 PM | 3 comments

raves and rants
Monday, October 10, 2005

Today was a good day. 'Twas relatively stress-free at the office, which is a relief, considering it's a Monday. I hope that's a sign of a good week to come. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Mr. S and I just got home from dinner at my in-laws (his parents). My sis-in-law just passed the teacher's board, so it's a major toot for her. Yay Missy!!! Dinner was scrumptous, and my MIL made some really yummy spring rolls. Yum yum! For dessert, there was this absolutely sinful but absolutely diviiiine chocolate cake!!! My toes are curling just thinking about it. LOL! After dinner, we stayed for a bit and it was so fun. Mr. S has four sisters, then add me to the group, and we are one noisy and giggly group. His sisters are sooo fun to be with, and they're quite kooky too, which in my book, is a really good thing. You know, birds of the same feather blah blah blah. You know the rest. Just before we left, my MIL also gave me a bottle of tiramisu syrup which you can add to your coffee. Ooooooh!!! She sure knows how to please! I'm so glad I get along really well with my in laws. Lots of gifts and goodies! LOL!

On the other hand, everytime we get together with friends and family, everyone asks us if I'm pregnant already. And I mean EVERYONE. Every. single. one. Don't they know it's added pressure?!?! LOL! I might as well have it stamped on my forehead: "No, I'm not pregnant!" Sheesh! My egg cells are getting stressed out about it. Oh, but we are trying. I don't really want to pressure myself, but I'm really praying that we get pregnant soon. I soooo want a little S!!! Anyhoo, if it comes, it comes, right? Right. Shush, my darling egg cells, shush...

Moving on to digiscrap stuff, I was checking my mails earlier and I got a bit (an understatement!) frustrated. I receive a lot of newsletters and updates on digiscrapping, and it irks me that I see sooooo many beautiful kits that I can't buy. See, most sites only accept Paypal as their payment method, and the Philippines is not in the list of countries that is allowed on paypal. Damn. I don't know who to blame, and I want someone to blame. LOL! It's sooooo fucking frustrating!!! Arrrgh!!! Thank God for scrapbook-elements and digital freebies! At least they accept credit cards, and they have wonderful designers on their list.

Oh, I just downloaded The Font Thing (TFT) a few days ago, and now I don't know how I lived without it. LOL!!! My puter has been acting up lately, being very slow and all, and I was reading some old threads at the forums over at RAKScraps. So I only just realized that loading or installing all your fonts slows down your puter! Umm, okay, so I had like about a thousand fonts installed. hehehe! It was a lightbulb moment there (ting!), so I uninstalled all fonts except the Windows XP defaults, and it worked like a charm! My puter is much faster and so now I can download even more fonts! LOL!!! So cool!!! I give TFT my two thumbs up! I'd even give it three, if I could!

I think I'm gonna hit the sack early tonight. I've been breaking out, and I feel that I look terrible. Not good. Besides, my egg cells could use the extra hours of beauty sleep. LOL!!!

mrs. schmuck | 10:15 PM | 8 comments

ok, so i made some more...
Sunday, October 09, 2005

I just couldn't help myself. So these are samples 5 and 6 now.

I tried to mix and match this time, and I took out the denim stuff just in case they feel it's not "good for the baby". LOL!

Invite #5: bg paper from Ashely Olson's signature collection at Modscraps; polka dot ribbon by Nancie Rowe Janitz at ScrapArtist; button, daisy (recolored), lace from Ronna Penner's All Girl kit at Scrapbook-Elements; baby blocks alpha by Ronnie McCray; font: Kids
Invite #6: Ronna Penner's All Girl kit at Scrapbook-Elements; stitched quilt alpha from TLC Janna's Baby Girl kit at SBB

mrs. schmuck | 9:10 PM | 3 comments

where can i buy more time?

I've been such a lazy pig this weekend. Come to think of it, every weekend really. LOL!!! My body got so used to sleeping till noon during my vacation, and now that I'm back to work, I don't think it's fully recovered. I'm also not used to not being able to digiscrap every night. I guess I spoiled myself during my vacation, and now I have a serious case of digiscrapping withdrawal syndrome. LOL! To make matters worse, Tracy (my2boys) just came out with October's element challenge and an impromptu challenge for the admin team at RAKScraps, and Tania's color challenge for October is out too. I sooo want to do those challenges, but oh, where do I find the time!? *sigh*

I got a bit done today though. See, the sister of a friend has asked me to make birthday invites for her daughter's first birthday. Was quite pleased to be asked, really. Tickled pink, actually. LOL! I tried to start on it yesterday, but I don't know. I couldn't seem to get the creative side of my brain to work. I managed to make only one layout using Shabby Princess' Shabby Tea Party kit, but when I showed it to Mr. S, he just gave me a shrug and an ok. Crap. I thought I was in for another dry spell, but thanks to Ronna Penner, the juices are flowing.

I got Ronna's All Girl kit from Scrapbook-Elements, and it's such a pretty pretty kit. As soon as I downloaded it, I got to work immediately and produced 3 more samples. Since I didn't personally know these people that I'm making the invites for, I figure I just make several and let them choose what they like. I also showed them to Mr. S and it got me a nod of approval.

Here are the 4 samples I've made. If you notice some open spaces, I really left them there for the details of the birthday party. So what do you think?

Personally, I like the second invite. And isn't she such a cutesy patootsie???

On the homefront, my dear husband surprised me yet again last Friday night. I had just gotten home from work, and when I came in our room, I saw that he was chatting (YM) with some of his friends, and in one of his IE windows, he had my gallery at RAKScraps open. I was surprised, and so I asked him why my gallery was open. And my dear darling husband says "I showed my friends your work." Wow. I was floored. I was flabbergasted. I must've floated my way out of our room! LOL! In retrospect, I'm surprised he even knows the link to my gallery. And once again, I am reminded about why I married this wonderful man.

Ok, so it's back to digiscrapping for me. Hope your weekend is good!

Invite #1: Shabby Princess' Shabby Tea Party kit; lace doily from Kirsten Smit's Ladies and Gentlemen kit; jeweled charm by Michelle Coleman at Second Mile Design
Invite #2: Ronna Penner's All Girl kit at Scrapbook-Elements; font: BoyzRGross
Invite #3: Ronna Penner's All Girl kit at Scrapbook-Elements; fonts: 2peas Platform Shoes, Carpenter, XBand Rough
Invite #4: Ronna Penner's All Girl kit at Scrapbook-Elements; stitched quilt alphas from TLC Janna's Baby Girl kit at SBB

mrs. schmuck | 6:42 PM | 2 comments

sneaky post
Friday, October 07, 2005

I am so sleepy. Ok, so I'm at the office right now and I just can't get myself to work. I know I have tons to do, but my brain just refuses to cooperate. Seems like it's already gotten a head start on its weekend without letting my body know, so now I'm stuck.

I can't wait to get home tonight and digiscrap. LOL! I haven't had much time to scrap the entire week, and it's frustrating me. I get home from work at about 8pm, have dinner, then I only have enough time to check my mails, browse the gallery at RAKScraps, leave some comments on the layouts, check the forums, and download stuff. Hmmm, writing that all down, I seem to do A LOT! haha! But given all that, there's just no time to sit down, let my creative juices flow, and actually create a layout.

Oh, but I did manage to make this last night.

It was Tania's (lunafaerie) birthday yesterday, and I wanted to make something for her. I loved how it turned out, despite the absence of a photo. This kit (Persimmon) by Amanda Lacey at The DigiChick is so great. I love the colors and the patterns!

Oops. My boss is on the other line. Be right back...

Ok, I'm back. And still in no mood to work.

Wednesday night, I met up with some ex-w@wies/blog friends for dinner. I was with Pebbles and Mike, Abie, Clarice, Mai and Erica, and Len. It was Mai's farewell dinner before she leaves for Sanfo tomorrow.

It is such fun getting together with these ladies!!! We were just laughing the entire night (ok, and gossiping!), and we didn't even realize how late it already was. We were the only ones left in the resto, and we were being very noisy, I think. LOL! And Mai loved the layout that I gave her!!!

Anyhoo, I gotta get back to work. I'm being all sneaky here, so I'll just finish this post when I get home. LOL!

Persimmon Kit by Amanda Lacey at The DigiChick
Fonts: Heartland Regular, Century Gothic
Program used: Photoshop CS2
Created: 10.06.05

mrs. schmuck | 4:21 PM | 2 comments

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ok, I got a major toot today! My morning was off to a bad start. My alarm clock didn't wake me up (like it's the alarm clock's fault...) and I was going to be late for work.

So I was cursing my way from our bedroom to the bathroom, when I decided to check my emails. Yes, I know I was running late and what the hell was I thinking checking my emails, right? Well I just did, ok? hehe! Anyhoo, I saw that I had a private message in RAKScraps from ChristineS. So I decided to head on over to RAKS and check what it was. Ok, again, what the hell was I thinking?! But boy, am I glad I did!!! All of a sudden, the day took a 180 degree turn for the better.

Well, ChristineS just told me that I was the Digi Pick of the Day! WOWZA!!!

Check THIS out!

My layout actually got featured by MelissaG! Sooooo cool!!! That's why I've been wearing this goofy grin the whole day. hahaha!!!

No new layouts so far, guys. Work has been keeping me busy, and I hardly have time when I get home. I'm too pooped to even try.

Oh, but hey! I couldn't resist making a new Halloween avatar. I decided to shake off the cobwebs and put on my Mrs. S(hrek) outfit. Too funny!!! There's an October avatar challenge over at RAKScraps, and the avis have been sooo hilarious! RAKS is such a fun place to hang out. Everyone is so wacky and zany!

Ok, so I'm off to bed. Hope your week has been off to a great start, guys!

mrs. schmuck | 10:53 PM | 5 comments

for Mai
Sunday, October 02, 2005

After a two week hiatus from work, it's back to the grind for me beginning tomorrow. Back to the 10-12 hour workdays. That means less layouts for me. Crap.

Anyhoo, I'm meeting some friends for a farewell dinner on Wednesday. Mai is finally off to Sanfo to be with her hubby. *sigh* Love. Ain't it grand? I wanted to give her something before she left, and tadaaaaa!!!

Isn't it a beauty? Extremely proud of this one. Obviously, it's another Niecey-inspired layout. I swiped the photos from Mai's online wedding album, and I had such a difficult time choosing as there were so many beautiful shots to choose from! I can have this printed tomorrow, and ready to be handed over to Mai by Wednesday night.

Au Natural page set by Denise Docherty at digitalamour
Photos taken by Pilar Tuason
Program used: Photoshop CS2
Created: 10.02.05

mrs. schmuck | 9:24 PM | 6 comments

a digi-blog....a whatta what?!

Well, it's a welcome-back-to-the-world-of-blogging for me. I've had 2 blogs in the past. One was pre-wedding related, the second was post-wedding related. This? Hmmm. The third, obviously. And I don't expect to write much here. Maybe a few bits once in a while when I'm feeling particularly chatty. For those of you who have read my previous blogs, you probably think that may happen quite often. teehee! But with this setup, I don't feel the pressure to be chatty, ya know?

So why a third blog then? Well, I've recently taken up a new hobby which is digital scrapbooking. I just started last June 2005, and it has totally taken over my life. Ok, so not really totally taken over, but you get my point. Any free time I have is spent digiscrapping. I now browse through magazines and greedily look at the ads, hoping to find inspiration for my next layouts. I now gorge on photos and see every moment as a possible scrapbook moment. Ok ok, so yes, it has totally taken over my life. Together with the hubby, of course. I'm just glad that he is very supportive of this new "addiction", and in fact, he got me upgraded from Photoshop 7 to CS2. What a sweet patootie! Oh, and didja notice my blog banner? hehe! Too cute!!!

So anyhoo, to celebrate the grand opening of my "digi-blog" (well that was clever!), here's the latest layout that I did. You can click on the picture for a bigger...umm...picture. I'm such an Einstein eh?

I'm quite proud of this one, and it's quite different from my usual style. Whereas my layouts would usually have clean lines, this style is inspired by the works of Niecey (Denise Docherty). I have always admired her digital designs and have always wanted to try my hand at her style. You can check out her works here. So this is my somewhat lame attempt. LOL! But I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. The sweet little girl is my niece, Chloe, by the way. She looked so pensive in this photo so I thought a Niecey-inspired layout would be perfect.

So...that's it. Enough chitty-chat. You can also check out my older layouts in my digiscrap album. Link is on the sidebar.

Au Natural by Denise Docherty at digitalamour
Fonts: Jefferson, Century Gothic
Program used: Photoshop CS2
Created: 09.30.05

mrs. schmuck | 12:17 AM | 3 comments

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