barely alive, folks
Monday, February 20, 2006

What a week! Whew!!!

I was literally slaving away last week. My brain reached levels of friedness that it has never reached in its 31 years of life. I was tested to my limits! But I live to tell the tale, my friends. Possibly with a few thousand lost brain cells, but I live nonetheless.

Just so you know what I've been doing in the training convention, we were designing a training deck that is supposed to be rolled out in the entire region. It's a HUUUUGE project, and one I should be glad I'm part of, but maaannnn...I am so fcuking tired. By Thursday last week, I was sniffling and coughing and wheezing. Our days ended usually at about past midnight, and to cap off the week, we ended Friday at 230 in the morning. Or rather, we ended on saturday at 230 in the morning. And so I spent most of the weekend in bed nursing a flu. What a bummer. AND to think that the training deck is not yet even finished. Still lots of polishing and cleaning up to do.

I thought I would be able to catch up this week, what with my recruitment goals and other training programs to run. But this morning, I got news from my boss that our regional training head wanted me to go to singapore to work on the training deck. So all those things that happened to me last week? It's going to repeat itself. In Singapore. *sigh* On one hand i'm excited that I'm heading to Sing, but on the other hand, knowing what's waiting for me there, I'm not even sure I have time to enjoy it. But then again, I'm excited to see my friends in Sing like Pazette and Ro and Jacq. I just hope I have time to see them. LOL!!!

Anyhoo, my flight out is on Sunday. I'll be there for a week, which means I'm going to have to work on some of my "homework" before I leave on sunday. I have 1 layout to do for Tania, 2 for Lynnie, and 1 for Robin. Oh, and my RAKScraps mega kit contribution for March! Jeanine already posted the color palette for March and it looks sooo fun! Where oh where will i find the time?!?! LOL!!! Enough with my melodramatic bull. Hell, I need to scrap to de-stress!

And you know what else? I totally missed RAK Week. Gardemit!!! I maybe peeked in a few times and saw all the fun everyone was having, but that was it. Didn't even get to participate in the challenges. *sigh* That is just so sad. Well, I did manage to send out a RAK for everyone. I designed a kit for RAK week, and I'm glad a lot of people like it. I wish I could show you but Blogger is being the biggest prick of the day and won't cough up the links. So just head on over to RAKScraps ok? It'll only be available there until February 25.

Ok, gotta go. I'm totally drained, and it's only Monday.

Hmmmm....maybe this calls for a new pair of shoes...

LOL!!! Ciao, bellas!

***As proof of the loss of thousands of brain cells last week, I had to completely edit this post because I wrote the entire thing in small caps. And I'm obsessive-compulsive that way. I will not be able to sleep knowing that the start of all my sentences and all my letter I's and all my proper nouns were in small caps. Ok, now I can really go and sleep....

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he certainly knows how to please
Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sometimes it just hits me why I love this husband of mine.

Since mid January, I've been bugging Mr. S to give me flowers for Valentine's day (or V-day as I prefer to call it). And not just flowers, but I mean FLOWERS! Gargantuan bouquets with balloons and chocolates and all that crap. Yeah, I'm a sucker for those things. For years, I have had to endure seeing bouquets and vases of a wide assortment of flowers get delivered to the office, and the awwww-s and the ooooohh-s and the aaahhh-s. I was one of those awww-ing and oooh-ing and aaahhh-ing over other people's flowers. I figured, this was our first V-day as hubby and wife, so I was entitled to FLOWERS. It was pretty much mandatory, I guess. LOL!!!

So anyhoo, I just found out last week that I will be in a training convention next week, so I won't be at the office on V-day. The first time that I can finally join the ranks of those being awww-ed at and ooohh-ed at and aaaahh-ed at, and the opportunity is taken away from me. Life is truly unfair sometimes. So I told Mr. S a few days ago not to have FLOWERS delivered at the office anymore because I wouldn't be there to gloat anyway. I was, of course, assuming that he would do his husbandly duties and actually send me FLOWERS.

Then I took out the big guns...With my best performance to date, and armed with my poor adorable puppy dog look, I asked Mr. S if he still has plans on giving me something for V-day. Unbeknownst to what lies ahead, he asked me what I wanted. Aha! I knew I was slowly reeling in my prey. With a flutter of my eyelashes and putting the puppy dog look on overdrive, I innocently said "Shoessss..."

A moment of silence.
And he said, "Oh, ok fine. Let's buy it on the weekend."

Hook, line and sinker, folks! LOL!!! Such a sweetheart!

My chubby-hubs took me out yesterday for an early V-day lunch date. By going early, it means we avoid the throngs of couples out celebrating V-day too. And it also gives us time to go around the mall to shop for our V-day gifts. teehee! So I got myself another new pair of shoes from Nine West...and it looks sooo chic! Perfect for the office, I say. But Mr. S didn't go home empty handed either. I dragged the man over to Ralph Lauren to get himself a new shirt. See? Happiness thrives in this family. LOL!!!

I've been working on a couple of kits the past few weeks. Since I got on the element team at RAKScraps, designing has totally taken a life of its own. I did manage to make a few layouts still, which is good. If Blogger will be a good little kid and give me my links, I should be able to show you my layouts. It's been a snotty little bugger since yesterday. But anyhoo, I already finished my contribution to the February mega kit. I've also seen the previews of what the other designers have done, and it is looking faaaaabulous!!! I can't wait till its release on the 15th. Oh, and hey, it's RAK week next week! Lots of stuff happening at RAKScraps, so get your butt on over there and join in, won't ya? I also managed to make another kit as a freebie for RAK week, and it's too cute!

Oooookay, so Blogger's being a real a$$wipe and won't post my photos. And I badly wanted to show you my shoes...LOL!!!

But, I'm poofed. I'm hitting the sack. I'm not sure if I can get online in the next few days as I'm sure the training convention will totally fry my brain. So in case I don't get to my puter, happy hearts day to y'all!!!

Spread the love, bellas! Ciao!

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i made it! i made it!
Saturday, February 04, 2006

Check this out...

WOOHOOOOO!!!! The news is finally out! Actually, the announcement was made yesterday, but I only had time to blog today. I got the email last Jan 28, but was told to shut my mouth about it until the big announcement. LOL!!! Can you just imagine how much torture that was?!?! But I did promise not to blab about it, or else I'd have to string up Mr. S by his toes. I am beyond excited, to say the least! I'm in the company of such awesome people, and really, I just love RAKScraps. I'm already trying to work on something for the February mega kit, so watch out for that!

Woot!!! I've been tagged by Jeanine and Jeannie and Audra. How many of these are going around?! LOL!

I was completely enjoying being a bum. LOL!!! I had just graduated from college in December '95, and I didn't go looking for a job until November/December of '96, I think. I figure my brain needed to rest. hee! So what was I doing 10 years ago? Shopping, partying, drinking, going on trips with friends, etc. etc. *sigh* Those were the days...

I was planning my wedding. This was two months prior to the big day, so you can imagine how frazzled I was. I think that we were working on our invitations and church requirements that time. Oh, and hair and makeup trials for me. I had so much fun planning our wedding, despite all the stress. I can't even believe we've been married for almost a year now. Amazing.

honey glazed donuts
cheese flavored potato ridges
McDonald's twister fries and rootbeer float combo
nachos and salsa

Oh wow...I'm such a sucker for songs despite the absence of talent.
Angel by Sarah McLachlan
Breathless by The Corrs (and pretty much all their other songs)
My Hump (my friends at the office can attest to this...LOL!!!)
all the songs from Little Mermaid
Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice (LOL!!! I was in highschool when this song was such a hit, and the lyrics just stayed with me no matter how I try to forget them.)

I drink too much coffee.
I'm an impulsive shopper.
I cropdust when I fart. LOL!!!
I lie to Mr. S about how much I spend when I shop.
I'm a professional crammer.

digiscrapping (both making layouts and designing)
annoying Mr. S
laughing (LOL!!! See?)

coffee from Mocha Blends (eewwww...)
frosted blue or green eyeshadow (makes me look like a tramp)
a mediocre (read as cheap) processor for my puter
the brand escapes me now, but it was this copper colored hair dye that turned my hair positively orange...but I'll recognize that box when I see it!
a red and blue plaid dress with shoulder pads the size of an island (and I thought I looked sooo cool...)

my Canon digital rebel XT
my Wacom tablet
my puter
Guesstures (had a hoot playing it with friends yesterday!)
my puter

Ummm...can I be a rebel and not tag? LOL!!! But hey, if you read this and you want to do it, please feel free.

I've managed to post some more of my latest layouts, and so I wanted to show them off here as well.

Robin Carlton & MandaBean's OMGosh! double up kit at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Font: AL Sandra

I absolutely LOVE this layout! First off, I love this photo of Chloe. Truly bellissima! I snapped this shot while she was counting some coins her mom had given her to play with. This is when she was counting "twenty-three...twenty-four...eleven..." LOL!!! So adorable!

Here's another one I took of Chloe. Does she look like she's picking her nose? LOL!!! But she's really such a sweet patootie.

Robin Carlton's Emily 2.0 kit at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Background paper by Gina Miller, stitching by Ronna Penner, fotoframe by Anna Aspnes
Fonts: Petra Script, 3 grammes 5

And finally, I haven't posted this in any online gallery yet but I plan on doing so tonight.

Robin Carlton & MandaBean's Love-O-Saurus kit at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Fonts: 2peas Heart's Delight

Too cute!!! It's such a fun kit, and it just worked perfectly with this photo of Chloe. Doesn't she have the cutest smile you've ever seen? LOL! Yeah, I'm biased. I know.

Well, I gotta go back to working on my mega kit contribution (woot! woot!), so I'm signing off. Oh, but before I Sex-and-the-City-ish shoes? I wore them to work yesterday. They ARE comfy. And I am famous. LOL!!!

Ciao, bellas! Enjoy your weekend!

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retail therapy part 2
Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I had a weird day today.

At 8am this morning, one of the guys at the office received an sms message saying that this guy we worked with got into a vehicular accident and that his car was totaled. Given that he's had about 5 previous accidents, it was really no big deal at the office. We knew he'd be back at work the next day. About an hour later though, we got another sms saying that he passed away.

Shock. Denial. Grief. We were calling hospitals and relatives to confirm the sms message, and people were crying. I was crying. Buckets. BIG buckets.

Funny thing was, no one else seemed to know anything. To make a long story short, it all turned out to be one really sick joke of the guy's friends. A practical joke. A prank. Can you believe that?!?! Who in their right fcuking mind would do this kind of thing??? Totally sick, man. May the fleas of a million camels land upon his armpits and multiply. Just remembering it totally pisses me off, so I'm staying off the subject.

So anyhoo, THAT started my day. The rest was pretty anticlimactic. A lot of work. A lot of stress. A really bitchy woman from another department who can't seem to grasp facts even when they're laid out for the whole world to see. And so I ended the day by doing the one thing that I knew was guaranteed to turn things around in a quick 180 degrees...

More retail therapy. LOL!!!

Bought myself a really bee-yooo-tiful pair of sexy shoes from Nine West. It's so Sex-and-the-city-ish!!! Actually, I saw the pair last weekend (when I had my retail therapy part 1) but didn't buy it despite the shoe moment. But I couldn't get it out of my mind since then, and I thought that it would be the perfect pick-me-up after the shitty day I had. Oh, but hey, this is a legally bought shoe...meaning Mr. S knows I bought them. Remember the 3-inch black pointy shoes I bought 2 weeks ago? Mr. S doesn't know about them. LOL!!! I hid them in the trunk of my car after I bought it, and just brought it in when he was busy working on his puter. That was maybe 3 days after. LOL!!! Am I bad??? Ok, don't answer that. It was meant to be a rhetorical question anyway. And besides, all's well that ends well. I'm happy. I stay sane. I don't drive my chubby-hubby insane. There's balance in the world. Yin and yang. Luke and Darth. Peanut butter and jelly.

I am sitting on five layouts that I haven't showed you guys yet, and only one has been posted on the digi sites I frequent (did that just a few minutes ago). Man, the latest ones I've been cranking out are soooo cool...if I do say so myself. LOL!!! Have you gone and checked out Sweet Shoppe Designs??? Grand opening TODAY!!! If you haven't been there, I give you permission to stop reading and head on over there. But do come back and read the rest of my mindless blabber, please? Ok, you can go now.

So are you back? LOL!!! I'm such a silly geezer tonight. Must still be riding on the high of my recent shoe acquisition. So didja love the stuff there??? Absolutely yummy stuff eh? I have been working with Robin's latest kits for SSD for a few weeks, and have been DYING to show off my layouts. With the site now open, I finally get to post these babies one at a time.

Robin Carlton's Tootsie POP! kit at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Font: SP Love Life

Well I'm sleepy. I'm off to bed. 'Twas a really long day.
Ciao, bellas! Smoochies!!!

mrs. schmuck | 10:11 PM | 10 comments

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